Ready for some fun? You will be soon. And where better to go than Klein Curacao, where the beach is white, the living is easy and the rum is plentiful?

Klein Curacao is what tropical dreams are made of! The island is only 25 kilometers away from its bigger sister, Curacao. The island has a different history from it’s sister and played an important role in the past.

Klein Curacao Boat Trip Deals

While some Caribbean islands are known for their white sandy beaches and others are known for their scuba diving, sailing, and fishing. Klein Curacao will give you an in-depth taste of all of these.

You can travel to Klein Curacao on a budget, or in the world of luxury, either way, any trip to Klein Curacao offers your heart’s desires!

When is the Best time to visit Klein Curacao?

Just like everywhere in the Caribbean, it is almost always warm and sunny on Klein Curacao. Around 85% of the time it’s one of the most popular getaway trips you can make when you’re on Curacao to escape from the chilly temperatures in the more northern regions of the world

If you want to spoil your significant other during your trip on Curacao, a trip to Klein Curacao can totally give another experience and memory for you and your loved one to cherish for a lifetime!

How to Get There?

One of the most popular ways to go to Klein Curacao is this boat trip. In general, there are over 20 Tour operators that offer a way to visit Klein Curacao on a single trip and, with included food, beverages, and in some cases additional activities, like snorkeling, diving, fishing, kitesurfing on Klein Curacao and more.

If you have a group of adventurous friends, you can even charter a yacht complete with captain and cook to go to Klein Curacao as early and late as possible, some operators even offer Robinson Crusoe Camping Overnight Trip experiences on Klein Curacao! A unique experience!

Klein Curacao Boat Trip Deals

Food & Nature

If you love BBQ food, you’re in for a TREAT on Klein Curacao. The cuisine offers a mixture of tropical flavors in the noon/afternoon. In the early morning, you’ll get an amazing breakfast from the boat crew (depending on your boat trip type).

However, if you a taste for seafood, you can perfectly fish your lunch on your way to Klein Curacao! Nothing tastes better than a fresh catch! There is also fresh tropical fruit available, beverages and of course water!

Klein Curacao’s nature is a tropical sanctuary. Since much of the flora and fauna has been erased in the 20th century by John Godden (a phosphate miner from UK) Klein Curacao is now a conservation area, which is home to many hermit crabs, blueback lizards, friendly small sharks and a nesting place for charismatic sea turtles.

Since the waters are fantastic for aquatic activities, you’ll experience a tropical sight that you wont see anywhere else in the world! If you’re a nature lover, Klein Curacao is well worth the visit!

Klein Curacao Boat Trip Deals