Full Day Klein Curacao Catamaran Tour


Full Day Klein Curacao Catamaran Tour

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9 Hours


Vissershaven, Spaanse Water, Curacao

Group Size

75 persons


Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Tour Highlights: 

Once you have arrived on Klein Curacao you have every opportunity to explore the island, snorkel with sea turtles or sunbathe.

Tour Type

Private Charter, Fast Travel

Tour Overview

The catamaran boat trip to Klein Curaçao takes about one and a half hours

Klein Curaçao is a small uninhabited island about 8 miles southwest of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. Klein Curaçao is the smaller sister island to the main island and has a beautiful view that can only be seen on postcards. The scenery for Klein is a far cry from anything you would ever see on the main island.

Catamarans are swift and stable boats that offer a comfortable, smooth ride. They are usually propelled by multiple sails, depending on the size of the boat, and they often have two or more hulls. Catamarans are excellent for cruising in open water because they provide a stable platform that is less affected by waves than a single hull boat.

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29 reviews for Full Day Klein Curacao Catamaran Tour

  1. Sue (verified owner)

    We booked this excursion wanting to sail on a catamaran. We have done simalar excursions in Mexico, Cozumel, Costa Rica & Cuba. Unfortunately the sail was broken and the boat could not sail. Once we arrived at the beach at 9:30, we where told to get off and take our belongings to the beach. Lunch was at 12:30, so to swim back to the boat at that time. There was a small shelter on the beach and warm water and pop and a cooler with ice in a black bag. Garbage, lizards and crabs where under it. It was like survivor. It was a really hot and other than the shelter and ocean no where to get relief from the sun. A lighthouse and a ship wreck where pointed out. No history was related about the island and the lighthouse and ship wreck. It was really weird. After an hour in the sun all of us where hot & uncomfortable wondering why we left the resort for the excursion, no shade, no beach umbrellas, no chairs or no snacks or booze on the beach. We had nothing to do but huddle under the shelter trying not to burn. When we asked to return to the boat, a staff member said we had to wait till 12:30.
    The boat came right at 12:30 picked up our bags and we swam back to the boat. Lunch was good. No one went back to the beach in the aftenoon. It was too hot. We swam off the boat. So we had shade, music, cold drinks and booze. Afternoon was much better. That being said, the other passengers on the boat made this experience fun. We made the best of it. The crews energy was flat and they avoided us, especially when we where asking to go home early. Our recommendation would be bring a beach umbrella, chair for the beach, pack a cooler, bring snacks and a book for the morning or STAY ON THE BOAT. We didn’t realize how little comforts we would have on the beach. No where to sit, no shelter, no bathrooms, no fresh water shower.

  2. MSkinner (verified owner)

    We had an amazing week-long stay in Curacao Nov 17-24 2019. The Island & the people are just fantastic!

    But perhaps the highlight of the trip for the 4 of us was the catamaran trip to Klein Curacao with Irie Tours. We went Fri Nov 22 with Capt Emmanuel, and crew Siebel (ie. “Steve”), Flavio, and Orson.

    About a 75 minute catamaran ride out to the island and then you’re in paradise. Incredible blue waters, very few people, and the start of a great day. Yes, there is little shade on the island, but there are shelters that are available on a first come basis (and shared with people). I burn very easily and had no issue finding shade when I needed it.

    The snorkeling is fantastic. Large numbers of fish, and of course, Turtles! Incredible experience snorkeling with them!

    We swam, snorkeled and explored the island for about 2 1/2 hours, then lunch is served back on the ship (note: you can swim to & from shore, or they have a small dingy that will take you & your belongings back & forth). Lunch was excellent! Beef chunks, chorizo sausage, chicken, salads, etc. More than enough for everyone. The bar opens at 12:30, as well, and they had a great selection of drinks, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

    There was music going the whole time, crew were mixing alot with the guests, the turtles were swimming around us for hours, and it was a fantastic atmosphere. We left around 3 and on the way back, we came across a pod of dolphins, who were jumping around the boat. The crew stopped the boat and anyone who wanted to go out to try to swim with them were allowed (about 20 of the 40 people did). I don’t think there was any real interaction with them, but very cool anyway!

    Great atmosphere on the boat all the way back – good music, cold drinks, beautiful weather, calm seas, sitting on the mesh at the front of a catamaran off the coat of incredible Curacao… What more could you want??

    Would 100% recommend this tour to anyone.

  3. Naomi (verified owner)

    Super nice staff and beautiful island to visit. The great staff made it a wonderfull day for us with good food.

  4. JulesFoster (verified owner)

    The crew on our boat was fabulous and so was the trip to little curaçao Klein.
    Our lunch was delicious and the time on the island was superb

  5. Paula J (verified owner)

    It was awesome!
    The crew was funny and really attentive all the time! The drinks and food were delicious too!
    The island ia beautiful and we saw a lot of turtles and cutie fishes!
    The guys (Orson, Jerry, Julien and another guy that I forgot the name ?) were fantastic!!

  6. Martin E (verified owner)

    Though we didn’t visit Klein Curacao with Irie Tours I would like to recommend the girls at the office in Otrabanda from the bottom of my heart. I have never experienced a service like that before in my life. So friendly, helpful and professional that my wife and I were speechless after the visit.

    The girls told us that there only were a sunset trip on the Tuesday we wanted to visit the Island. But they also helped us to get a trip on another boat. I’m really grateful and must praise the girls for their friendliness and service minded attitude. We had a wonderful day!

    They were really nice to our little girls (3 and 1 year old) and helped us without hesitation. Amazing! All the best to Irie tours.

  7. MikkoT (verified owner)

    We had a wonderful Christmas Eve trip to Klein Curaçao, sea was rough on our way there but crew was very attentive and caring towards passengers who got sick. On our way back it was smooth sailing and enjoying the sun and sea. Overall everything went smoothly, crew was friendly and we had amazing day with them. I highly recommend them would go again. Merry Christmas and thank you again.

  8. 20100roy (verified owner)

    Irie tours are the best! Had a blast on Klein Curacao island tour. Everyone enjoyed it. Nice crew who really make sure to answer your needs. Great vibes on board. Respected the turtles and environment. Highly recommend!
    Double thumbs up to Emanual, Maika, Julian, etc… ???☀️?
    Did the sunset trip…really nice too!!

  9. Gabrielle L (verified owner)

    This trip is a steal! The crew is super friendly (shout out to Kurt and the captain) and everything is included. Breakfast, lunch (which was AMAZING), the boat ride and alcoholic drinks. I’m so appreciative of this trip! Even though when we went the weather wasn’t perfect, the captain got us there and back safely and we still had a great time. Would DEFINITELY recommend. Don’t miss out on Klein Curacao… best beach ever, and the sand is so soft, water is so blue and clean.

  10. Tessa (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the day trip to klein curacau, with good food, nice music and vibe on board and all thanks to a lovely crew!! Thank you!!

  11. Celyne M (verified owner)

    What an amazing day was it! The tour guys were awesome. They were very friendly and had a lot of humor. They made the trip even greater. We had nice food and delicious drinks and cocktails. I think the time spend at klein curacao was a little short but if you spend it well, it is great!! Thankyou Irie tours!!

  12. Danichou (verified owner)

    The original trip to Klein Curaçao was scheduled for January 13, 2020, but due to strong winds and rough seas, it was cancelled. We were notified of this by cell phone and were offered to postpone it to a convenient date by our correspondent. Very flexible! The trip was a unique experience very well organized and easy going. The ship crew was fantastic and very helpful. Swimming with turtles will certainly be an unforgettable moment of this trip.

  13. June R (verified owner)

    Such an amazing experience. We saw a few options to go to Klein Curacao and decided on this one, cause (seriously) there’s an open bar. But, wow we got so much more –the crew went over and beyond with their hospitality and is really what makes the tour. It’s impossible not to think the beaches and water are spectacular but from the great lunch they prepared, to their fun demeanors, and great humour, we could not recommend them more!

  14. Natalie WS (verified owner)

    BON BINI CURAÇAO!!! This is one of the most amazing day experiences I’ve ever had in my life !!
    Besides the beautiful boat ride getting to observe the island from seaside , once you arrive to Klein island it is BREATHTAKING, JAW DROPPING experience ????☀️? Make sure to explore, and enjoy every bit of that paradise! As well as having the most phenomenal staff on Irie tours, I will admit I got sea sick on the way and the staff was by my side and checking on me the entire time. Overall KLEIN CURAÇAO is a must with IRIE TOURS?????

  15. mw21491 (verified owner)

    I have to start by saying I don’t prefer group tours, but I loved my experience with Irie Tours and highly recommend it. Their catamaran was a great way to speed through waves and have a leisurely sail back, with plenty of room so you never felt like you were on top of one another. Staff were professional, communicative, and went above and beyond to make sure all passengers enjoyed their visit to this beautiful little island. I must make a special mention of Joyce, who we had the pleasure of chatting with on the way to Klein Curacao, and who came out dancing with a drink for me in celebration of my birthday (all of the crew were good to us, as well), which made me feel quite special!

  16. DCH28 (verified owner)

    We had a blast on this day trip to Klein Curacao. Every detail of the trip was planned perfectly, from the shuttle pick-up from our hotel to the BBQ lunch to the amount of snorkeling and beach time. The crew were all very friendly and professional, and the overall number of passengers hit a nice sweet spot between too many and too few (there were about 45 of us; the catamaran’s capacity is 60). Our only cautionary note is to bring and wear plenty of sunscreen — the sun is especially strong in Curacao, and you’ll be out in the open air or in the water all day! We learned that the hard way!

  17. Natalie B (verified owner)

    We had an amazing day on Klein Curacao. Emanuel, Flavio, and crew were fantastic! We explored the old lighthouse, checked out the shipwrecks, and saw tons of fish while snorkeling near the boat. We even saw sea turtles that joined us at lunch time! BBQ lunch was more than I had expected. It wasn’t hot dogs & hamburgers but steak, ribs, chicken, salads… DELICIOUS! It was a fantastic day with a fantastic crew! Thank you for everything!

  18. Jennifer P (verified owner)

    My husband and I had a wonderful time!! The crew was so friendly!! The captain was very fun; he kept singing and dancing to al the music, which was great too. The food was excellent. We highly recommend Irie tours in general!

  19. Cindy G (verified owner)

    I reviewed all the catamaran tours to Klein Curacao and just had a feeling to go with Irie instead of the other one that has more reviews. It was just a hunch that it would be less people on the boat. I am sure the other boat is totally fun, but it sounded more popular and more like a booze cruise which is not what I wanted. Wow, was I totally blown away. Jerry, Julian, Michael and Quincy were AMAZING! We felt like it was our private yacht. They were so accommodating, friendly, informative and professional. All the details were there and the food and drinks were great, including several different wines. The chicken with peanut sauce was my favorite. The turtles and fish were great and we especially liked the pull down stairs in front where I could sit and look out. All in all, this was our favorite day. Can’t wait to do this again on my next trip and I wouldn’t pick any other operator than Irie. Thanks soooo much.

  20. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    1) The Crew and Irie Tours: Top notch run tour and boat. Hands down one of the best, if not the best we have ever been on. Professional when needed but also laid back and totally fun crew. Not uptight and they let the drinks flow. Great music, dancing and I even got to do some juggling with the Captain, First Mate and another passenger! Added bonus, even the lunch was fantastic tasty with plenty to eat.

    2) Klein Curacao: When in Curacao you definitely need to get to this island. So much to see and do. Walk to the lighthouse and weather side of the island. Hang out on a beautiful Caribbean beach, snorkel and swim or just chill on the boat looking at the aqua marine water and white sand beach.

    When we are back in Curacao we would do this trip again and definitely with Irie! Might check out another one of their tours as well.

  21. Renee C (verified owner)

    It started out a rainy day but we decided to take the catamaran to Curaçao Klein anyways. A lot of people cancelled because of the weather or COVID-19 so only 10 people decided to go ahead with the excursion. We had a great day. The crew were very attentive and helpful, the food was awesome and lots of it, the island was beautiful! Curaçao Klein has the best beach in the country. We saw sea turtles, an eel and plenty of fish. Best day on our vacation!

  22. Laura S (verified owner)

    We had a great experience with Irie Tours. We made a 8 hour trip to Klein Curaçao with a Katamaran. The whole Organisation was perfect. All crew members were so funny and friendly. Drinks (beer,wine,soft drinks) and great food were included ! We had a little problem with our cruise because the ship arrived later than scheduled. Irie Tours organized a privat van for us to took us on time to the Katamaran. Very courteous and without any problems, we can recommend this without hesitation and we had an unforgettable trip with the turtles 😉

  23. Elise J (verified owner)

    Had an amazing daytrip to Klein Curaçao with Irie Tours. Very fun, experienced and nice crew on board and tasty food & drinks!

  24. Lisa Paola (verified owner)

    The crew was really friendly and helpfull.
    We told them we were vegan and they made sure there was an vegan option for us at the boat.

    Someone almost drowned and they reacted immediately and saved him!

    I had a great day 🙂

  25. mzaldivar20 (verified owner)

    Very friendly crew who made our day very enjoyable. Very well organized trip by Irie tours. The boat was in great shape, the crew lets you enjoy the day as you prefer giving some tips of what to do. The crew had the lunch ready when we got back to the boat and prepared some snacks for the way back. We really enjoyed the day! I would just have liked more time in such a magical and gorgeous place! Klein Curacao is so beautiful, definitely a must do!
    P.S. Maybe just the beer could be a better one, sorry it wasn’t my favorite! 😉

  26. pamelanovember (verified owner)

    Fantastic tour. We booked a trip to klein Curaçao and had a blast! We loved being on the catamaran and walking around on the island. Afterwards we enjoyed a good lunch and drinks on the boat! Definitely recommended! 🙂

  27. Ria T (verified owner)

    We had a lovely trip to Klein Curacao! We really enjoyed the boat trip and the very friendly and helpful crew (Tariq, Tim, and Mike) just made it that much more enjoyable!

  28. VoeVoe82 (verified owner)

    Very poor organized trip. Breakfast included was a bread roll from supermarket with cheese or ham and coffee or tea. They had not enough bread rolls so we ended up without breakfast.
    . We asked for more but they did not have…

    The weather was not awesome but that is something they could not help.

    The BBQ lunch was a sausage and or hamburger with the same bread rolls as in the morning. All prepared on board. We arrived at 12.30 (time they said lunch would be served) and every one had already eaten so we found the left overs…

    Crew made it into a party with music which was nice if you like to party.

    Klein Curaçao it self is not a must see… Was also not helping that there were so much mosquitos that you could not walk to the light house or shipwreck without the musquitos… Snorkeling was ok but not more special then here at other places at Curaçao. The island itself is not a must see in my opinion.

    A lot of money for getting drunk on a boat. The party people liked it. The other people wanted to go home as soon as possible and got a bit bored.

    The organisation Mermaid have their own place on the island and bbq prepared on the island which smelled at least nicer. ?

  29. Isabel (verified owner)

    We had a great day at Klein Curaçao! The crew was really friendly. We would definitely recommend going with Irie tours.

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