Sightseeing on Klein Curacao

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Interesting Sights on Klein Curacao

There are many interesting sights to explore on your Klein Curacao day trip. Of course you will be enjoying the sun and sea, but we recommend also going around the island to check out some of the sights below.


Over the years many ships have stranded on the eastern side of the Klein Curacao island. The recent wreck of a tanker ran aground 28 years ago. Now only a part of it remains. The anchor is still clearly visible in the bow. On the north side of the island the German freighter Magdalena stalled in 1934. This giant ship was located and fixed weeks after the excavation of a channel and multi tugs pulled it back to open sea.

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Lighthouse Klein Curacao

In the middle of the island the monumental lighthouse of Klein Curacao is located, which was built after the hurricane of 1877 and is still in use, now unmanned. You can go inside, but watch out for loose floorboards and stone.


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On the West coast (near the beach huts) you can snorkel very well and you will have a good chance to see sea turtles grazing and swimming. An unforgettable experience

Under Water Cave

An underwater cave is indicated on the map (at the beach). This cave is 48 meters deep and is known for its sharks. For safety reasons contact guides who have experience with this if you want to go dive here.

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GeoCaching Klein Curacao

There is a geocache site at Klein Curacao. The coordinates are N11’59”447 W068’38”590. If you want to know more about this, please visit There used to be a possibility to make a helicopter flight to Klein Curacao with Blue Skies Helicopters. Unfortunately all Helicopter tours on both Curacao and Klein Curacao ended in 2017.

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