Lighthouse Klein Curacao

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao is a unique attraction. It is located about 15 minutes from the beach and has a unique story. It is a bit of a lookout here. We strongly recommend you to wear close footwear when you want to go to the Klein Curacao lighthouse, because there may be sharp plants here that you can easily hurt yourself.

Another warning: plan your visit to the Klein Curacao lighthouse as early in the day as possible. It can get very hot here. The hot sun is ruthless and you will hardly find any shade. Now you know everything to have a pleasant visit, because you are prepared for anything! In contrast to the lighthouse itself…

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao, a unique story

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao was in a dilapidated and discarded state. But the flat island was often missed by the boats that had to sail around the island. Because of the flat island it was decided in 1850 to build the lighthouse, which was soon laid down by a hurricane. 27 years later the lighthouse was rebuilt, just like in 1913.

Modern navigation would have made the tower superfluous, but the opposite turned out to be true. That’s why in 2008 led was built into the now very dilapidated tower, which had to serve again as a warning beacon at night. By the way, these LED lights run on solar energy, which fits in well with the sustainable character of the island itself.

Restoration of the lighthouse on Klein Curacao

So the lighthouse on Klein Curacao has another function, but at the same time it is an attraction for the tourists who come to the island. Eventually in 2007 it was decided to repair the lighthouse on Klein Curacao again, so it will become a stately building on the small island. The iconic pink lighthouse is literally indispensable when you make a trip to Klein Curacao.

Climbing the tower is not recommended until the tower is completely repaired. However, you can see the tower with your own eyes when you book a day trip to the island. Just a fifteen minute walk – and that is a nice walk even if you plan it early in the day. The place to take a great vacation picture!

Would you like to see the lighthouse on Klein Curacao yourself?

The lighthouse has been rebuilt three times and is now being restored because it regained its actual function after there were still problems with the skippers who could not see the island properly. Would you like to see this icon with your own eyes? That is possible. Arrange your trip to Klein Curacao directly via WhatsApp or email us today at