Klein Curacao

Are you looking for a caribbean dream island with its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea? Then look no further, because that is Klein Curacao!

Klein Curacao is (as the name may indicate) the little sister of caribbean Curaçao and is located in the middle of the Caribbean sea. A visit to Klein Curacao is therefore something you should not miss when you visit Curaçao itself. Klein Curacao, Island of Dreams, is located a simple boat trip away from Curacao. It depends on which boat you book, how long this trip takes, but you can maintain an average time of one hour to one and a half hours for the outward journey and slightly shorter for the return journey. Booking a boat trip to Klein Curacao is easier than you think.

On our website you will find various options with which you can visit Klein Curacao from under $99,-

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Powerboat to Klein Curacao Day Trip

Visiting Klein Curacao, what should you think about?

Anyone who is going to visit Klein Curacao must take into account keep this Bounty island is a rock island with not much more than rocks and sandy beaches.

The small island is virtually unspoilt unaffected by human intervention. What you can find on the island are some shipwrecks and a lighthouse with two houses at the foot of it. No shops, houses or other buildings.
The only thing waiting for you on Klein Curacao are the endless white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise water.

The views could be placed on a postcard.You therefore have the guarantee to make the most beautiful photos yourself. Something you should also think about when booking your boat trip to Klein Curacao is that you should not only select a trip based on the lowest prices to Klein Curacao,but also what facilities are offered in addition to the boat trip.

What can I expect from a boat trip to Klein Curacao?

Everything you can expect depends in part on which boat tour you select.

Something very sensible to look at before you go whether a freshwater shower is offered. After swimming all day there is nothing better than rinsing the salt water off of you once on board again. Some companies have a private Beach House on Klein Curacao so that you always be assured of a place with shade.

When you are seasick quickly, it is wise to take your boat trip to match. Our Powerboat travels so fast that it almost impossible to become seasick. Would you rather use one of our other boats? Then it is wise to take a tablet against seasickness, especially on the way over.

Powerboat to Klein Curacao

For example, when you select the powerboat ticket trips or powerboat charter , food is not included, while this is the case with most other boat tours. When you book a boat trip through our website, you are always informed in advance about what is and is not included in your excursion.

When you book a boat trip, it is therefore always recommended to carefully check what is and what is not included.

Powerboat to Klein Curacao Day Trip
  Duration 9 Hours Pick-up Kima Kalki Marina, Willemstad, Curaçao Group Size 18 persons Languages Dutch, English, German, Spanish ..
  Duration 9 Hours Pick-up Vissershaven, Curacao Group Size 18 persons Languages Dutch, English, German, Spanish  5/5 Read all..
  Duration 9 Hours Pick-up Kima Kalki Marina N.V, Brakkeput Ariba 62, Willemstad, Curaçao Group Size 18 persons Languages Dutch,..
We offer a Luxury Private Sailing trip, in other words a full private boat charter, to Klein Curacao.
  Duration 9 Hours Pick-up Vissershaven, Spaanse Water, Curacao Group Size 75 persons Languages Dutch, English, German, Spanish BOOK THIS..
  Duration 8 Hours Pick-up Jan Thiel Beach Group Size 10 persons Languages Dutch, English, German, Spanish BOOK THIS TRIP..

Snorkeling with turtles on Klein Curacao

If there is one thing you should not miss… it is snorkeling with the Klein Curacao turtles. Don’t you have snorkel gear? With some trips these are included and otherwise you can rent them, so that you will enjoy an unforgettable snorkel experience.

It is important that you do not rush the animals or touch them at all. Besides that you can snorkel as long as you want – or even use our Klein Curacao diving offers! However, one thing is certain: snorkeling with sea turtles is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss during your visit to Klein Curacao.

Klein Curacao Diving from Sailboat

Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

Do You Prefer A Private Charter Group Trip Dive Excursion Fishing Trip Sail Boat Power Boat ?

Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

The lighthouse and shipwrecks at Klein Curacao

If anything is known about caribbean Klein Curacao, then it is the pink lighthouse. The lighthouse is in the middle of the island. In 2017 they started the first restorations. Climbing the lighthouse is not recommended because it is in poor condition. It is certainly worth a walk to view the two buildings and the lighthouse.

The shipwrecks that lie on the island have never been removed and are a real crowd puller. The biggest attraction is surely the oil tanker that stranded on the island in the eighties. You can also find more recent wrecks there, including a sailing yacht that could no longer avoid the island in 2017.


When do KleinCuracao.Deals operators visit the island?

The KleinCuracao.Deals team offers various Klein Curacao boat trips via partners that all sail on different days to the wonderful island of Klein Curacao. There are boats that sail to the island on every day of the week. Do you want to visit the island on a certain day? Book your trip well in advance so that you are sure of your place. On our website we have the best deals available so that we maintain the Klein Curacao prices as low as possible.

Would you like more information about our boat trips or simply about our partners or our offers? Then you can ask all your questions via WhatsApp to our online tour guide. You can also reach us via our email address

In addition to the various boat trips, we also offer options to extend your stay with a diving trip. Definitely recommended for both beginners and experienced divers. Klein Curacao, the Island of Dreams, is truly a Bounty island with lots of opportunities to take your breath away: above and below water.

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