Powerboat to Klein Curacao Day Trip


Powerboat to Klein Curacao Day Trip

Our powerboat sits low in the water and we cruise at highs speeds thanks to our 600 HP engines. Traveling this fast makes seasickness almost impossible.

Original price was: $165,00.Current price is: $158,00.


8 Hours


Jan Thiel Beach, Curacao

Group Size

10 persons


Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Tour Highlights: 

Our powerboat sits low in the water and we cruise at highs speeds thanks to our 600 HP engines. Traveling this fast makes seasickness almost impossible.

Tour Type

Private Charter, Fast Travel

Tour Overview

Power up your Klein Curacao Day Trip with the Powerboat!

Our powerboat sits low in the water and we cruise at highs speeds thanks to our 600 HP engines. Traveling this fast makes seasickness almost impossible.

Because of our higher speed, we can leave a little later in the morning. We try to sail out around 10.00. A long evening the previous day is no problem.

How fast we are able to get to Klein Curacao with the powerboats depends on the sea. Normally the trip to Klein Curacao takes between 25 and 55 minutes. On the way back the sea is always quieter and we arrive after about 25-30 minutes.

Once on Klein Curacao you will experience a piece of paradise on earth.

About the Powerboats

We are a Dutch/Curacaoan couple, super enthusiastic about giving you an adventurous day on the ocean. We love our island Curacao and cannot wait to show you around!

Powerboat Caribbean I is a grey 600 HP RHIB boat that will give you the ultimate adrenaline thrill.

Its brother Powerboat Caribbean II is orange and has 300 HP to give you an amazing time on the water. Power Power Power!

We do not have a toilet available on the boat.

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Tour FAQ

Because of the extreme nature of the boat trip we cannot take children under the age of 6 years old. The following ages are welcomed on board our powerboats to Klein Curacao.

✅ Children 6 – 12 years
✅ 12-18 years
✅ Adults

For children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old we have a special rate. You will see the applicable rate for children when the booking.

No, the Powerboats are known for their speed and thus you will not feel sea sick.

We are a Dutch/Curaçaoan couple, super enthusiastic about giving you an adventurous day on the ocean. We love our island Curacao and cannot wait to show you around! Languages Spoken: We speak English, Spanish, Papiamento and Dutch. So we will have no problem communicating. Amount of Crew Members: We have 2 people taking care of you on board and on Klein Curacao.

This is very hard to tell and we cannot guarantee seeing dolphins. On some trips to Klein Curacao they do join us, but sometimes we don’t see dolphins.

The travel time depends on the weather situation, but on average it will take about only 45 minutes on the way over and around 30 minutes from Klein Curacao back to Curacao.

No, unfortunately we do not offer transit service from your hotel or resort to Jan Thiel Beach.

Besides boat trips to Klein Curacao we also offer day trips to Curacao’s most beautiful places, private charters, sunset tours, wedding shoots and private parties.

No, pregnant women and people with back, neck or other physical pains are not allowed on a Powerboat tour for your own safety.

We highly discourage people with any kind of pain or medical condition to book a Powerboat tour. Our tours are open-ocean and professional medical aid is far from where we go.

32 reviews for Powerboat to Klein Curacao Day Trip

  1. gtastowers (verified owner)

    Guides were awesome. We had a great time on the island. Ride over was fast & fun. Boat arrived at dock at Jan Thiel Beach right on time.

  2. ElisaBrode (verified owner)

    Just great! Nothing else to say! Very nice staff and destinations. I went to Klein Curacao and along the West Coast with Tamara. Exciting and enough time to enjoy all the highlights!

  3. Natalja H (verified owner)

    The trip was incredible! All 4 of us absolutely enjoyed the exciting adrenaline rush of the boat ride and the quiet relaxing stay on the island afterwards. The guides are fantastic and caring! We all truly loved it and will definitely go again next time in Curacao

  4. sound_guy330 (verified owner)

    My wife and I joined this trip during our cruise ship stop on Curacao. Tamara was awesome about communicating via email and encouraged us to do this tour even though we had originally asked about the Klein Curacao trip. It is a bit of a walk from the mega pier to the Fisherman’s Pier…maybe 15-20 minutes. Wear sturdy shoes for the walk and then you can go barefoot the rest of the day. From the time Tamara and Ian picked us up, we had a blast. They were awesome about explaining what we would do, how to hold on, how bumpy the ride will be (more on that later) and how to enjoy ourselves. After a few instructions, we took off for the west side and had a really fun ride skipping the waves in the boat. The “horse saddle” seats and firm steel bottom made the trip MUCH more comfortable than other boat rides we have been on. Along the way we saw dolphins and flying fish jumping along side. We snorkeled in a busy cove where sea turtles come to eat…then we had lunch on a beautiful overlook restaurant. (Note: you do need to pay for your own lunch, but Tamara provides a menu with pricing.) After lunch we stopped at the blue room to snorkel inside the hidden cave. Finally, we enjoyed a high-thrill ride on our way back through MUCH higher waves than when we left. Tamara was absolutely AWESOME captaining the boat and making sure the ride was as comfortable as possible. It was really fun, much like white water rafting (without the rocks!) and we felt perfectly safe the entire time. We would not recommend this tour for the elderly or smaller children, but for active adults DO NOT MISS THIS AWESOME TOUR! Tamara and Ian – THANK YOU for a wonderful day. You joined the elite club of “best days on the water” we’ve ever experienced.

  5. danI127IN (verified owner)

    great , spectaculair trip, this should be only way to visit the small island. Guaranteed no sea sickness. One of my best days during my visit on Curacao. Drinks and food included !!

    Thanks guys for a great day.

  6. Bernhard R (verified owner)

    Thanks to Ian and Herman! It was a great ride to Klein Curacao. We enjoyed it very much and felt always very secure. Also the BBQ was well prepared and the food was tasty! Thanks!

  7. Jaymie L (verified owner)

    Irvin and Ian were first off wonderful guides and sea men. We arrived in 30 minutes, thus we spent out time on the island exploring, snorkeling and eating the wonderful lunch they provided. We saw flying fish, Porcupine fish, scorpion fish, green and Hawksbill turtles and a fish ball(literally a thousand fish in a giant grouping). Both men were conscientious, wonderful to talk with and had our fun and most importantly our safety in mind. The boat ride out there and back is like a Disney ride!

  8. stefanosthaus (verified owner)

    We had such a blast! From start to finish, this was so perfect. When we got to the meeting point, there was a quick dolphin show before we took off, so that was so special, I knew this was going to be an amazing trip. Sitting up front going there, you will get more air (which is fun but requires leg strength so you don’t bruise your groin), in the back you will get more splash but less bounce (the waves going there can be pretty big so being in the back was actually kind of nice). They play music to drown out the motor which was great. The boat goes fast, and great for those who like a little thrill! Definitely not good if you have a back injury! We got there so much faster than the other boats, and I could tell they were jealous because we were not queezy and had much more sleep than they did heehee. They also have a box to hold your stuff so it doesn’t get wet. Once we got to the island, they had an unlimited array of beer, soda, and water. We loved exploring the island and checking out the lighthouse and shipwreck, then coming back for a quick snorkel (which they supply!) before food, although they had already had the burgers ready when we came back from our walk (yummy burgers and salad, and a pasta dish. If you’re vegetarian then maybe bring something for yourself if you’re picky). The island is so special, and we had about 4 hours on the island before heading back which was waaaay faster then getting there because you are with the current. Lost of flying fish along the way! Ian and Irwen were so great and made the trip so easy and fun. If you’re looking for a bigger boat experience, there was a bigger boat called Breeze that has some nice amenities like a floating mat that you could lay on in the ocean (thanks for letting us use it!!), cabanas, dancing on the boat, etc. but me and my partner prefer a smaller more intimate and adventurous route sans vomiting. Definitely felt a little sore in my legs the next day! Also note, going on Saturday is DOPE because you end back at Jan Thiel which is a really nice beach with a happy hour (cheap wine, beer, and mixed drinks) and live music at 5pm! Lots of young attractive people and good drinks, wish we had stayed but we wanted to get back to our Airbnb for our final sunset of our trip.

  9. sarahtaf9 (verified owner)

    The Powerboat Caribbean trip was so much fun and exactly for people who love adrenaline. Irvin & Ian did everything to make our stay on Klein Curaçao unforgettable. The boating alone, was the best experience ever. On Klein Curaçao Irvin & Ian

  10. Davide B (verified owner)

    If you are in Curacao, you can’t miss a day trip to Klein Curacao. The island is a real paradise and the best way to get there is with a powerboat. The trip is much faster than with other boats…and also much more fun! Tamara and Irwin are nice and professional and we had a great day with them

  11. VirginieNL2020 (verified owner)

    Lovely day out! Adrenaline trip with the powerboat. Friendly people. Nice BBQ lunch and beautifull scenery! Perfect day out to Klein Curaçao 🙂

  12. sjors z (verified owner)

    We’ve booked two trips with the Powerboat; one to Klein Curacao and the other one to the Blue Room. The boats are really fast, which implies that you are able to see much more, then with the ordinary slower boats. Also, the crew is nice and they prepare a good meal for you, so that you can continue throughout the day to snorkel at the most beautiful places they bring you! I definitely recommend these trips to people who are looking for more then a boring trip ?

  13. Marco C (verified owner)

    It was one of the best activities I did in Curacao. And we were so lucky that the water was quite shallow and calm so we were able to snorkeling with dolphins. It was an experience I will never forget. In the way back we also had the change to stop in a bay where we were able to see starfishes. The boat crew are quite gentile and friendly, and there amenities (food and drinks) are quite good.

  14. Patpylk (verified owner)

    Tamara is a great host, very relaxt which resulted in a great day on Klein Curacao and snorkling afterwards at the tugboat.

    We were lucky that 30-40 dolphins followed our boat for a White, jumping next to the boat … and saw a turtle at Klein Curacao.

    We certainly do recommend Powerboat Caribbean!

  15. Lauren A (verified owner)

    This was a great day and after a lot of research I cannot be happier with our decision to go with the powerboat trip to Klein Curacao. It was pretty windy during our trip and the water was far from calm…about 5 foot waves the whole way. I can’t say it was a smooth trip, but Irvin managed it with skill, going in and out of the waves as much as possible and making sure everyone on the boat had a chance to get comfortable with riding the waves early on. No one on board got sick, so if that’s your concern this is absolutely the way to go. Beyond that, the ride was a blast and so much faster of a trip to and from the island. We didn’t have to be at the boat until 10am and my boyfriend and I were much more excited about that than the early morning departures of the other boats we looked at. My boyfriend is all for adventure, I’m much more cautious and we both had a blast. There is no food served on the boat and no real cover on the boat, but we brought some PB&J and snacks, they had sodas and waters in a cooler for us all, and we could get a little shade under some of the huts on the island. We just prepared for it and brought plenty of sunscreen. All in all, it was a great day and I would highly recommend this route for Klein Curacao.

  16. Suzevanbaar (verified owner)

    We joined tour to Klein Curacao in May and it was interesting experience. Klein Curacao is nice, but ride to the island and back was real fun! Boat owners are very welcoming and do their best to make this journey comfortable and interesting to all the participants. The most impressive part of the tour is the way to and from Klein Curacao and I would definitely recommend this transport!

  17. Sima (verified owner)

    It was a fun fun ride filled with laughter,cheeky comments and small talks with the crew.Very welcoming staff that wasn’t “too much”: too kind, too helpful,too fake – they were totally awesome,naturally interested in us as their guests which made us feel like we were on a sail trip with a group of old friends just chilling and having a great time.
    Klein Curacao was exactly what you think of when you hear the word Caribbean-white sand,blue,see through sea,playful turtles,palm trees and never ending chill vibe.
    Everything was just perfect,you made our trip unforgetibble!Thank you,guys!

  18. melissaopreis (verified owner)

    We are a family of four, including two teens. Last week we went on a trip with Tamara and Ian. When we arrived at the dock at Jan Thiel Beach (in front of Zanzibar restaurant), we got a warm welcome with more details about the trip and a safety briefing. In
    We are a family of four, including two teens. Last week we went on a trip with Tamara and Ian. When we arrived at the dock at Jan Thiel Beach (in front of Zanzibar restaurant), we got a warm welcome with more details about the trip and a safety briefing. In total there were 9 guests who were all looking forward to making it a great day. We stored our bags, so that they would stay dry. And then, it took around 50 minutes to get to the bounty island. It was a rough sea, but our captain Tamara skillfully rode the waves and nobody got seasick. The ride itself was a thrill, where everybody got wet (some more than others 🙂 ), but everyone had a smile from ear to ear: so much fun!! Also, along the ride we saw more than forty flying fish. After we arrived at the island, we jumped in the sea and formed a train to bring our bags safely to shore. At the island are small cabanas where we put our stuff and where we could sit in the shadow. Ian handed out cold drinks (water, soda, beer) from his cooler. But right afterwards, the first thing everybody wanted to do was take their snorkels and get out to swim. The colours of the stand and sea are so beautiful and tropical: wow! Around 10 meters out we saw our first tropical fishes and furtheralomg, there were more, in different colours. There is no real coral, but the amazing thing is that there were several sea turtles. They are the most amazing creatures! They swim very elegantly and were not afraid of the swimmers at all. We were able to make some amazing close-up pictures under water.
    After our first swim we made a walk to the lighthouse and some shipwrecks on the other side of the island. That was really fun. Afterwards we ate our lunch in the cabana. With many small lizards around, you need to make sure to pack your food properly. One of our plastic bag of buns was ’attacked’ by the creatures while we were out and they managed to take several bites. Luckily we had enough food, so that was not a problem at all.
    After lunch we went out for a second snorkel and encountered many sea turtles again. After lunch, some of the boats feed the left-overs to the fish and turtles, so around the boats there were hundreds of hungry fish and several turtles.
    We reached the end of our trip and within 30 minutes we were safely back at Jan Thielbaai again. We all had the best day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The boat ride itself, the crystal clear water and the encounters with the turtles were the true highlights of the day for us. We highly recommend going on this tour. Tamara and Ian are very friendly and helpful and have a safety-first mentality. You will have a great day. And because the boat is so fast, you won’t have to get up super early like you need to with other boats. We also would mot have liked being on a boat for 2 to 3 hours two times on a day in these rough waters. If we would have gone with a different boat, some of our family members would definitely have hitten seasick.

  19. HB7404 (verified owner)

    Great People! Great experience!
    We booked the Klein Curacao Powerboat Adventure, but because of the rough water, we weren’t able to go. However, they took us to a couple snorkeling sites and around the Spanish Waters. Over all a great time!

  20. HB7404 (verified owner)

    We booked the Klein Curacao Powerboat Adventure, but because of the rough water, we weren’t able to go. However, they took us to a couple snorkeling sites and around the Spanish Waters. Over all a great time!

  21. K. Aykaz (verified owner)

    Great experience to explore Klein Curaçao by powerboat. Ultrafast – adrenaline kick – very nice and fun crew Irvin & Ian – as cherry on the cake we even did some sightseeing in the Spaanse Water on our way back. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is in for a nice adventure in Curaçao.

  22. denisolv (verified owner)

    When planning my visit to Curacao I changed my mind about going to Klein Curacao a few times. First I wanted to go there, but then all the reviews from sea sick people from trips on slow boats made me question that idea until I came across Powerboat option. It’s a lot of fun on the way there and back and the island is very nice to spend a day at. All in all it’s actually the ride that we remember the most after all!

  23. Nadine H (verified owner)

    Great boat, awesome people and beautiful island! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a more personal experience with a smaller group. And the boat is super quick!!

  24. djones (verified owner)

    We took a group of 6 and all had a great time. Best day of our week in Curacao by far. The ride over was quite an adventure. Captain Tamara and Chris were great hosts and took good care of everyone. We would highly recommend this adventure on your next trip to Curacao.

  25. Wouter (verified owner)

    Awesome trip on one of the fastest boats I ever bin on. Great service all the way drinks and bbq included. Thanks Guy’s

  26. sharon f (verified owner)

    A truly awesome experience. What a great day on Klein Curaçao. Friendly & expert crew, safe and fun! If you’re a thrill seeker, this trip is a must do when visiting Curaçao! Klein Curaçao has beautiful white sandy beaches and lots of sun, great for snorkeling too. We got there in 27 minutes in perfect weather and zero sea sickness! And the hamburgers and pasta were delicious too. Don’t miss out on this trip!??

  27. Laura A (verified owner)

    Don’t see Klein Curacao any other way! Thrilling ride, exemplary captain and crew, great bbq with cold drinks and beer. One of our favorite experiences of the whole vacation!

  28. kelly (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying my friends and I went on this tour, not exactly being strong swimmers and one of us didn’t know how to swim at all. We had no expectations except to be at the beach. We started off by taking a powerboat to Klein island which was AH-MAZING! The choppy waters splashing you and seeing the occasional flying fish made the boat ride all the more exciting. The food once we arrived was delicious and filing. The staff was so engaging and thoughtful. Tamara even gave my cousin (who can’t swim) swimming lessons with a smile on her face. I mean where else can you get that type of customer service and dedication to making sure that everyone enjoyed this activity. Hands down the best part of our trip, you will not regret it. Just book it. And book again!! And ladies there’s eye candy too (just don’t do after Tamara’s hubby LOL)!

  29. Inge P (verified owner)

    We wanted so badly to Klein Curaçao, but were afraid of getting seasick. Then we discovered Powerboat Caribbean !! The experience was one to never forget !! How cool, adventurous and beautiful !! From the moment it felt like we were on an adventure with friends .. the crew was great and they where very very nice! next time Curaçao, we will book all trips that Powerboat Caribbean has!

  30. Norbzito (verified owner)

    This was a truely great experience! Absolutely perfect from beginning to end.

    The 45 minute trip on the powerboat is awesome (look next to the boat for flying fish!). Klein Curacao is great for wondering the island and snorkeling. The lunch (BBQ) was also well organised and delicious. Cold drinks are also available the whole trip.

    The owners and guides are great young people, friendly and very good boat drivers/pilots.

  31. Ashwinstagram (verified owner)

    We had a great time aboard the Powerboat to Klein Curaçao! My wife normally gets seasick on boats and that’s why we chose this option. And with success! Thanks to the high speed, adrenaline and awesome hosts she was perfectly fine.

    The island is amazing and the hosts do their best to make a connection with each and everyone on their trip. They made us feel welcome and were just as excited as us when we spotted a group of dolphins during our tour.

    Pro-tip: If you’re afraid to get seasick try to sit in the back of the boat and try to stand while holding on. This makes a huge difference!

    I would recommend each and everyone to take this tour as part of their time on Curaçao. Thank you very much!

  32. JM333 (verified owner)

    Good speedboat. Service minded people. Nice lunch. Enough drinks. Beautifull beach and sea. Unfortunately only 2 turtles.

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