Most Famous Klein Curacao Day Trip


Most Famous Klein Curacao Day Trip

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9,5 Hours


Vissershaven, Curacao

Group Size

75 persons


Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Tour Highlights: 

After lunch, the crew takes you on a snorkeling safari where you can see turtles just like that! When the boat is ready for departure, you can enjoy the quiet journey back while enjoying a rum-punch.

Tour Type

Private Charter, Fast Travel

Tour Overview

Fully catered day trip to Klein Curacao (4 days a Week)

Relax in our private beach house that provides you with enough shade, toilets and a freshwater shower. While you are having fun on the island, we prepare a healthy breakfast and an extensive BBQ lunch with fruit and salads.

After lunch, the crew takes you on a snorkeling safari where you can see turtles just like that! When the boat is ready for departure, you can enjoy the quiet journey back while enjoying a rum-punch.

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Diving on Klein Curacao

You can also combine a visit to Klein Curaçao with a diving trip! For both beginners (introductory dive) and experienced divers. Tell us your wishes and we will pass them on to our fellow diving school.

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Tour FAQ

The journey back is always quicker than the morning journey to Klein Curacao. The weather is also a factor. Normally the journey will take about an hour.

This of course it also depends on your person.

Payment must be done in full before we depart. You can book online and make a deposit to ensure your tickets will be available.

Unfortunately not. Cash only.

20 reviews for Most Famous Klein Curacao Day Trip

  1. Arvardan (verified owner)

    We took the trip to Klein Curacao with the Miss Ann boat. Apart from the fact that a lot of people got sick on the trip everything whent smooth and we arrived on the island on time. The breakfast consisted of some basic stuff – nothing to write home about. After this we had plenty of free time for swimming and snorkeling. Near the shore there is little to see in terms of corals and fish so you have to swim further off shore. The trip is advertised as ‘with snorkeling gear’ – in contrast to our experience with other trips this doesn’t mean that you can get any fins which is pretty bad since you have to swim quite a distance to get to the interesting parts and there is quite a bit of current as well. The island itself is quite barren and doesn’t offer a lot. There’s an old light house and a ship wrack but that’s about it. Up to this point I would have rated the tour as 2* but the main attraction – swimming with turtles – adds some value to the trip. All in all I would recommend this trip if you are eager to see some turtles. If you are only interested in beaches and snorkeling with fish you might as well go to a beach on the main island.

  2. Nanke v (verified owner)

    There were a number of boat companies to choose from but we were recommended to go with Miss Ann boat trips because of the friendly crew and comfy boats! We had an amazing day on the island and the food was beyond expectation. After lunch you go snorkeling with sea turtles – Miss Ann lends Snorkel and Mask so if you want flippers, make sure to bring these.

  3. TravelQueen1102 (verified owner)

    We went to Klein Curacao with Miss Ann Boat trips last Wednesday. I was expecting a nice relaxing day. However it started with waiting for almost 2 hours. We arrived at their pier at 06:45. More and more people and whole groups arrived, where allowed on small boats. We weren’t informed what was going on until like an hour later. Their big boat was burnt down on Saturday. Hence they have to bring us with small boats (max 20 people) to the island. Since the tour on Sunday was cancelled those people were also joining our trip. Once almost everyone left, we were allowed to go. We almost canceled the trip and didn’t feel in the mood anymore. However, then we went to the island by speedboat (10 people, 25 mins), which was fun and we over passed the other boats and were first on the island, which enabled us to get nice beach chairs close to the see. The other people arrived by small boats (see photo). I heard some complaining that they sat really close to each other and it smelled like Diesel. Their trip was 1.5hrs.
    Miss Ann has a beach house at the very left of the island. The house is nice and gives shade. Their beach is not so nice.You have to walk a bit to get to a nice sandy beach.
    At 10:00 we got a sandwhich for breakfast and they apologized again for the inconvenience in the morning. Lunch was scheduled for 13:00 but only served at 14:00. Most people were hanging out at the beach house or were snorkeling in front of it.
    For lunch we had chicken, spareribs, potato salad, pasta salad, salad, bread and rice. The food was good but not enough for a second round and the portions were small. We were around 80 people so waiting in line was necessary.
    One of the reasons for us to book Miss Ann was the offered snorkeling safari. That took place after lunch. We walked to the other end of the island where a turtle nest was. We then went into the water. With 60 people in the water it was quiet busy. I didnt see any turtles but some other people did. My friend and I enjoyed snorkeling anyways until we were asked to leave the water asap. We didn’t understand the rush. Once we met the guide he said we had to go back to the beach house to prepare departure. So instead of 1.5hrs for the snorkeling “safari” we had like 30 mins in the water. The departure was scheduled for 16:00. However, we only left at 17:30.
    All the waiting was really disappointing!!
    We went back with the small boats. I sat comfortable on a chair, however directly at the motor. Hence I had to inhale the smoke. The trip back was also 1.5hrs. Once we arrived back at the pier, a lady asked us a paper that stated that we were happy with the trip. On top the Tripadvisor logo. We weren’t even on the list! So if we would have missed the departure, nobody would have been looking for us.
    All in all, the staff were nice but the communication wasn’t good and all the time we spent waiting really sucked. Plus, they only spoke Dutch. You had to inform them that you don’t speak Dutch and they would have explained it to you in English.
    The beach from the other company Mermaid looks much nicer and you can try to find turtels yourself, just go left to the turtle nest and start snorkeling. (Btw, at Playa Grandi you find a loooot of turtles much easier). So if you want to book Miss Ann, give them a call to check if they have a big boat again. Being squeezed together on small boats is not comfortable. And don’t expect a trip with a small group. I assume they are always around 80 people.

  4. George L (verified owner)

    A day trip to Klein Curacao is a real Must. We were very glad to have choosen Miss Ann Trips. Why? They use a modern yacht (Serendipity) which brings you in 75 min to and from Willemstad. The less time on the boat means less time to be or get sea sick and more time on the island! The bonus is the beach resort with excellent breakfast and lunch. The 45 min voluntarily excursion to see the turtles was a nice event.

  5. Diane S (verified owner)

    This is a must! Klein is a beautiful island – the water even bluer than when viewing from Curacao. This group is truly amazing – friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable. We actually booked our trip for the wrong day and they waited for us, even held the boat for us (sorry other passengers!), got us a ride home since the shuttle wouldn’t take us. Truly amazing! This is a family run business with all the right personal attitudes and business acumen to go along with it. Thank you for a beautiful and relaxing day Miss Ann! We cannot wait to come back and do it again.

  6. Pierre S (verified owner)

    My wife and I did a whole day cruise on Feb 26 2019. We were worried as some comments were very negative and some very positive. Frankly I don’t understand the negative comments. The trip was perfect and exactly as advertised. Yes the sea was rough, but this is the ocean. And it is not the companies fault. The staff on the large boat was super friendly and helpful. When they saw my wife was worried they came over to comfort her and explain qe were crossing the current lines between Atlantic Ocean and Caribean Ocean. The trip on the water was 1h20 minutes each way. We were 15 minutes late leaving because a bus of people arrived late.

    On the island they offer full service wit shower, toilet, chairs for all, shade for all, massage if you wanted for extra $, no need to fight for chairs as plenty for all. Buffet section is very large and great tables and bench for all.

    As soon as we arrived on the Island we got served a great breakfast ( boiled eggs, banana, ham and cheese sandwich or chicken sandwich made fresh in front of us by their staff, small pastry, coffee, tea, water, pop. ) there was more than enough for all. We took 2 sandwiches each and eggs, pastry, coffee. During breakfast the staff gave us orientation for our day. We spent morning visiting the lighthouse, the ship wreck and swimming.

    Some people did deep sea diving as Miss Ann has full service dive shop on the Island.At 1:15 as schedule we got our lunch served. Fantastic food, chicken, pork ribs, beef stew, pasta salad, potato salad, rice, vegetable salad, a couple of other local speciality, fruit salad, watermelon, pop and coffee. Too much food for everyone, you could have seconds if you wanted. Service was super fast and organized. 15 minutes and all 50 people were done at the 2 lines for the buffet. The BBQ was great and so many people congratulated the lady chef for her great meal she prepared. At 2pm, we did the snorkeling trip, on time. Super friendly staff (3) who was with us with life preserver for security and a small motor boat to follow us all the way. Great instructions. We saw sea turtle and lots of fish as we feed them with bread.

    After snorkeling we had another hours to beach and swim.

    Trip back was at 4pm. We arrived to port at 5:30pm.

    A great day exactly as advertised. Both my wife and I, highly recommend this trip with Miss Ann boat tour.


    Pierre Seguin and Patricia Kirouac.
    2 very happy customers from Quebec City, Canada

  7. Kandis H (verified owner)

    We booked a tour through the tour desk at the Hilton and was not disappointed. Around 100 USD per person was so well worth it considering they picked us up early in the morning and brought us to the starting point, got us transferred onto a boat to take us to the yacht, rode for maybe 75-90 mins to the deserted island Klein Curacao where we were brought into shore by dinghy, fed breakfast, lounged on the pristine beach and crystal clear water, we could explore the abandoned lighthouse and 2 shipwrecks, were provided a fantastic bbq lunch, (had refreshments available to use throughout the day), after the bbq we were taken for a guided swim and snorkel to see the fish up close and swim above and near the turtles while in their own habitat safely and humanely then back onto the boats to return to the yacht and home again. Transportation to and from, 2 meals, snorkelling gear provided for anybody who needed it and the quiet pristine surroundings with friendly and attentive guides to keep us safe, informed and entertained the whole time. I cannot imagine what they could have done to make it better. It was truly an amazing and unique experience and with everything that we were provided I would have expected it to cost significantly more and I would have still gladly paid it.

  8. Petra K (verified owner)

    Nice boat, friendly crew. Sea can be a bit rough. Good food and drinks. (Free icecold drinks ready for you all day) Beautiful island, the incluided guided snorkletour is the highlight of the day. We loved swimming with the seaturtles. We booked the daytour trough via our Dutch touroperator Tui. Highley reccomanded!

  9. AsenSan (verified owner)

    After a boat trip we arrive at beautiful Klein Curaçao. We got the time to get settled, and then we got a lovely breakfast. Then you get some time to explore the island. At noon we got a tasty bbq lunch, with many to choose from.Trough the whole dat softdrinks and water was included. Then you have the option to come with them to swim with the seaturtles. That was such a awesome experience!! The staff is friendly and fun, There’ s a option for rental snorkel gear, enough shade available, and bathrooms, great snorkel area!! Really reccomand this trip for adults as well as kids!!

  10. Ed C (verified owner)

    Booked it then saw some poor Trip Advisor reviews. Hogwash. We used their shuttle from our resort. We had mixed results from other businesses shuttle. Miss Ann shuttle was to pick us up at 6:00. We stepped on board at 6:00 am and were on the road at 6:01. No “Island time”, no excuses, perfect. We arrived at the dock and 15 minutes later(max) we were boarding and we were off. The trip out(and back) was bouncy but we experienced NO sea sickness. AND if we had gotten seasick, we would not expect the crew to magically calm the seas(seems the main complaint on here). The island was lovely. Miss Ann had some of the best beach side accommodations out there. Breakfast, lunch, all included. Even had enough vegetarian options to keep the Missus happy. Soft drinks are complimentary. They do have some wine and bear available (bring a few bucks cash) The boat was great. The crew was great. I had a wonderful time.
    Most importantly I saw sea turtles and they were just like the ones on Finding Nemo. Same accent and everything.

  11. DutchBuzz (verified owner)

    I went with my wife to Klein Curacao for our anniversary with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao for a day of nice food and relaxation.

    They are well organized and everything is been taken care of. We arrived at the port early in the morning and we went with the transport boat to the Serendipity which was the boat to the island. Watch out this can a be bit rough for people who at sensitive for sea sickness. We went on the back deck and body there got sick. ?.

    Then after an little over a hour we arrived at the island and little boats brought us to the beach. And there is everything taken care of and well organized you can get free non alcohol drinks and beer and wine with payment.

    At 9:30 breakfast is served and this is fresh and good, so you don’t have to eat before taking the boat trip.

    Than at 13:00 the bbq lunch is served and we were amazed how they pulled that off, good food with a good taste made on a island with nothing ?.

    In between there is time to relax, swim/snorkel with turtles and a lot of fish. Have a nice walk over the island and visit the lighthouse ( has been restored so you can access) and see 2 stranded shipwrecks.

    At the end of the day there is a guided snorkeling tour . And for your safety there is boat rescue following the group while we were relaxing in the water.

    At the end of the day we had a real nice and long day of relaxing and they had a nice bottle of bubbles for our anniversary to celebrate it ?.

    This was a trip to remember as a great day.

  12. Desislava T (verified owner)

    It was a great one day trip, the boat is very nice, Kleine Curaçao is amazing! Wild and beautiful! I specially enjoyed the snorkeling tour thanks to John who helped me overcome my fear of going in deep sea. He was next to me the whole time reassuring me and brought me to the edge of the deep waters which I would never do alone! We saw turtles at the end which was amazing!
    The only thing I didn’t quite like about the trip was the part of the beach where we stayed as it was not the best spot and there were flies.
    Overall amazing experience and friendly crew!

  13. Zurena Girigorie (verified owner)

    I cannot tell you how amazing this was. You have to experience this. The food the service the boat ride itself was just perfect. I took so many great pictures and videos. I work almost everyday so it was the perfect escape. The crew was so helpful, good instructions, so friendly. I felt like a Queen. We even saw Pygmy Orca. Its a small whale people confuse them with Dolphins. It was AMAZING!!! Thank you Miss Ann and Curacao Activities. You will be seeing me again.

  14. Daniele O (verified owner)

    I went with my girlfriend and his brother to Klein Curaçao with Miss Ann to spend the night there. Since the morning of day 1, the crew was extremely friendly and did their best to accommodate our wishes and needs. The trip happens on board of a yacht, which makes the trip comfortable and faster than the other operators. In the island, Miss Ann Village is well equipped with good facilities, considering it is an inhabited island. Toilets, showers, kitchen, sun beds, dive shops and so on. Only cash is accepted on the island.
    It was an unforgettable experience and I advise everyone to spend the night there if possible.

  15. Alexandra M (verified owner)

    We took the trip to Klein Curacao via the yacht, and it was a great trip. Although it was early, the crew were upbeat and welcoming. The yacht was comfortable and clean – and the crew were ready with plastic bags for those who suffered from motion sickness. My sons both fell ill, as the trip out was a little rocky…but the crew were quick to notice and get them comfortable. The island is beautiful, and the beach house and palapas were clean, and there was plenty of shade. The tender in was a little rough, but the crew made sure that everyone made it safely and were attentive. We didn’t eat breakfast, but lunch was delicious. The day was quiet, and relaxing. Getting back to the boat was smooth, and the ride home was better – but there were still some heavy waves. My understanding is that the weather was not the norm for the island – the waves do not normally hit the east side, but when it does, things get a little rough. Shout out to Nico, Ruth, and several others whose names I did get not get! (the dive instructor, and those who went out in scuba gear to find glasses at the bottom of the ocean!) also those who helped my MIL, who hadn’t been in the water in 25 years). Glad we made the trip!

  16. Lievelein (verified owner)

    A very smooth boattrip to the beautiful island of klein Curacao.
    Dolphins where swimming allong with the boat, and the friendly crew even gave us a chance to snorkel with them, totally awesome!!!
    We definitely gonna book the miss Ann boattrip again, the next time we’re going to klein Curacao.

  17. jemimahctouze (verified owner)

    The boat was rocking allot. During the departure to klein curaçai the trip was fantastic. On the return, it was so scary. The boat was going fast and trying its best to go trough the bad weather. Props to the ladies from the crew! So attentive.

  18. kerstfan (verified owner)

    The trip was amazing food was great had a massage that was so relaxing the lighthouse and boats were also nice to see

    I would highly recommend it

  19. Sarah V (verified owner)

    We went to Klein Curacao and had an amazing day! The bbq lunch was delicious. They provided mosquito repellant which was needed during breakfast and lunch. Many people got sea sick and they were well prepared with sick bags. Friendly staff and a very nice yacht. The island is remote and fun to explore. We had a great time jumping into the super clear water! The snorkel safari was fun and we saw our first sea turtles here, unforgettable. The rum punch on the way back was delicious.

    Not everything was corona proof, like filling up the small dingy to get from the yacht to the island. I recommend they announce this in advance and require people to wear facemasks when the required distance cannot be kept, like they did on the bus pick up.

  20. wouter (verified owner)

    It was a great trip! Recommended!

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