See a shipwreck on Klein Curacao? Of course you can!

Shipwrecks and Klein Curacao. The nightmare of many skippers and often the crew had to sweat carrots to save the ship. That is not strange. The fairly flat and barren island is hard to see while sailing. The northeastern wind and strong currents make it even more difficult to navigate around Klein Curacao with which a shipwreck is a matter of a wrong estimate. It has caused a lot of sights and damage, which many tourists now benefit from while taking the most beautiful vacation photos.

Shipwreck on Klein Curacao: Maria Bianca Guidesman

The most famous shipwreck on Klein Curacao is without a doubt the Maria Bianca Guidesman. This oil tanker ran aground in the 80’s and could not be salvaged or saved. The oil tanker then became a permanent part of Klein Curacao as a shipwreck and little by little the elements win it from this ship.

No shipwreck on Klein Curacao: the Magdalena

Another shipwreck on Klein Curacao could have been the famous Magdalena, a German freighter. For weeks it was stuck on the island, until the efforts of the rescue services in the 40s of the twentieth century were successful after much excavation work around the
ship. The Magdalena came loose and was able to finish her voyage, so it did not become a shipwreck on Klein Curacao. But it didn’t matter much! Multiple lifeboats were needed at the same time.

A recent shipwreck on Klein Curacao: Tschao

In 2007 a new shipwreck joined Klein Curacao. It is the Tschao, a sailing yacht from France whose four sailors could safely reach the island. However, the damage to the ship itself was too great and thus the yacht itself could not be saved.

These shipwrecks form a beautiful backdrop on a photo and are still major attractions on Klein Curacao of course. There is no chance that these wrecks will be cleared. This simply costs too much and the wrecks are a great environment for flora and fauna that have found their way here a long time ago. And for the tourists it is of course not at all annoying.

Want to see shipwrecks on Klein Curacao?

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