Klein Bonaire: an oasis of tranquility

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Klein Bonaire: an oasis of tranquility

Bonaire is beautiful, but Klein Bonaire is much more attractive if possible. It is an island that is completely surrounded by reef. When entrepreneurs saw that diving tourism was on the rise, they wanted to build on Klein Bonaire to make so much money. The local businesses and population managed to prevent this. The small island is now fully protected. It is not allowed to build and sustainable tourism is of great importance. In concrete terms, this means that you may not break anything, leave garbage behind and leave the animals alone. Exactly, the things you were planning to do, because Klein Bonaire has to stay as beautiful as possible.

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Can I dive and snorkel on Klein Bonaire?

Yes, you can. This area is especially suitable for that! No adjustments have been made, so when you arrive at No Name Beach, you will only see some jetties and places to provide shade. It is the place where many people come to snorkel, because the deeper part of the reef is a short distance from the jetties. Since the island is so small, you can choose to snorkel around the reef to get back to the jetties. You can also choose to make your way around the island.

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In the latter case, make sure not to swim, snorkel or dive too far from the island. There can be strong currents here.

What can I expect from Klein Bonaire?

Flora and fauna that is unique for this region! Sea turtles, beautiful coral, the most diverse fish and Mantarays: it’s all here and the chances are much greater that you will see them here than on Bonaire itself.

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What you should pay attention to is that footwear is important here. On Klein Curacao you can just walk into the water because it is soft sand. On Klein Bonaire the underwater area consists mainly of rocks and that means that footwear is very nice here. What you should also pay attention to is that it can get very hot here and that sunscreen is really a must.

Eating and Drinking on Klein Bonaire

As it is not allowed to build here, there are no facilities. So you can’t buy food or drinks on Klein Bonaire. You will have to bring your own. Keep in mind that you also need to take the garbage back home in a good way. You do not want to disturb the ecosystem here.

By the way, you cannot come to Klein Bonaire yourself. Although the distance to Bonaire is relatively small, it is not possible to swim thanks to the current and the many cruise ships. You can, however, book a crossing. This can be done with a water cab or with a speedboat. The latter is already within 10 minutes. This makes Klein Bonaire easier to reach than Klein Curacao, but because of its small size it is not really suitable for a day trip, unless you particularly like snorkeling or diving.

Klein Bonaire is not suitable for small children. The beach is nice, but the reef soon starts in the sea, which makes swimming difficult. Also, the rocky bottom is not really something an average parent looks for children to play on.

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