Klein Curacao kite surfing: a paradise for the experts

On Klein Curacao kite surfing: chances are that you have already heard about it when you like to surf. No surprise, because there are several hotspots in the area where experienced kite surfers like to climb on their boards. The Sint Jorisbaai on Curaçao itself is already very popular, but a day trip to Klein Curacao is a much nicer challenge. Because Klein Curacao is particularly suitable for kitesurfing, but it is also challenging, we especially recommend this for people who have a lot of experience with kiting.



Kitesurf around Klein Curacao as a professional

Sideways winds and waves that can get particularly high. A nice challenge for the people who have been spending many hours on the board already. Kite Surfing on Klein Curacao is a real challenge, and at the same time a wonderful experience. A remote and uninhabited island with endless views and a world of marine life right under your board during kitesurfing on Klein Curacao. Also discover the wonders of the magical island and view the snow-white beaches from all angles.

Don’t feel like spending a whole day on Klein Curacao kite surfing? No problem. Water sports enthusiasts also like to come here to dive or snorkel. In addition, the beach is always tempting. Also the island’s lighthouse is a special experience. This is by the way being restored, so that is certainly worth a visit. And if you want to add an extra experience to the excitement, then you will enjoy spending the night on Klein Curacao after your kite surfing.

If you want to overnight on Klein Curacao you must indicate this in advance however. So we will have the possibility to arrange a tent, campfire and breakfast for you. There is a good chance that after your kite surfing adventure the previous day you want to give your muscles some rest before you are climbing the board again.



Is kite surfing on Klein Curacao really only for experts?

Yes, the wind speeds can go up to 30 knots and those are impressive wind forces by ‘Western World standards’. With more than 300 wind days a year kitesurfing on Klein Curacao will be a party for the people who know exactly how to react in a variety of situations during the kite surfing experience on Klein Curacao. Highly recommended, for two or more people and especially kite surfers with experience.

Accept the Challenge!

Do you already feel the urge to go kitesurfing on Curaçao? Then book the boat to the island today and indicate what your exact requirements are. We are happy to help you with the preparations and your stay, also when you want to spend the night on the island. Talk to us via WhatsApp on the website or mail to info@kcdmaart2021.webdevelopmentz.nl