Visit Klein Curacao by Catamaran

Whoever is going to visit the island of Klein Curacao and want to do this by catamaran, will do so on the Jonalisa, Jonalisa To or the Black & White. Sailing to Klein Curacao with a catamaran is a unique experience that you will never forget. You can book this unforgettable day with us on both the Jonalisa and the Black & White. Because both boats fall into the same price range and offer almost the same on their all-inclusive day trips, it is not surprising that these two trips are among the most coveted when it comes to day trips to Klein Curacao. All three boats sail on set days, of which the Jonalisa boats do not sail on Saturdays and the Black & White do not sail on Friday and Sunday. So you can use one of the catamarans every day of the week to get to Klein Curacao.


With the catamaran to Klein Curacao: an unforgettable trip!

Who wants to book an unforgettable trip to the island of Klein Curacao can choose to travel to the island with a catamaran. The Black & White is the largest of the three boats and also the newest while the Jonalisa and Jonalisa To be slightly smaller, but are excellent for the somewhat turbulent waters that can occur around Curacao.

The Jonalisa was proclaimed “Best Excursion & Tours Company of Curaçao 2018”, indicating that a trip by catamaran to Klein Curacao really is unforgettable!

Do you no longer know which of the two boats you want to sail with? Then it’s simple: on our website you will find tours with the Black & White as the Jonalisa. You can easily compare them and then to one decision. One of the difference is that the Black & White leaves later and, therefore, does not serve breakfast. The rest of the offer is almost the same, but perhaps that extra hour in bed is that what is decisive for you. One thing is certain: a boat trip on a catamaran to Klein Curacao is enchanting.

Relax on the catamaran

You can opt to lounge in the nets. That way you are in a perfect position to spot any dolphins that sometimes swim with the boat. A benefit and disadvantage of lounging on the nets is that you won’t remain dry completely. Would you rather enjoy more shade and comfort? Then you can enjoy the shade on the catamarans during the boat trip. After arrival you will be served breakfast at the Jonalisa while with the Black & White you can immediately start exploring Klein Curacao . Both offer a lunch around half past twelve and have freshwater showers on the island so you can rinse off salty water. Would you rather not snorkel to the island yourself? You can also use the ‘dinky’ boat that takes you to the island. Everything is aimed at providing an unforgettable day.

Easily book a catamaran to Klein Curacao

Book your day trips to Klein Curacao easily via our website. Not only do we have the best prices and deals for you, you can also easily book far in advance. In this way you are assured of a place on board at all times. Reaching Klein Curacao by catamaran is very popular, so if you book on time you are not only assured of a place on board, but also the best prices with us. If you want more information about the boat trips that we offer, you can contact us via WhatsApp on our website. You can also email us at