Book your Klein Curacao excursion now!

Book your Klein Curacao excursion now!


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Discover the Allure of a Deserted Island: Klein Curacao

Uninhabited Island Beauty

Often referred to as a ‘deserted island’, Klein Curacao is an uninhabited paradise known for its beautiful beaches. The stretches of white beach coupled with azure waters capture the essence of a secluded island. Whether you’re sunbathing or just taking a quiet stroll, the island’s beaches are pure bliss.

An Adventurous Dive into Klein Curacao’s Waters

The island’s blue water isn’t just for admiring from the shore. Dive meters under water and explore the coral reef teeming with marine life. For both novices and experienced divers, there are diving professionals ready to guide you to amazing diving locations. Before diving in, ensure you check the correct times and cut-off times for these diving trips.

You can now book your Klein Curacao excursion quickly and easily at KleinCuracao.Deals! When you book with us, you not only book at the most attractive rates, but you can also easily choose from our wide selection. We offer all popular tours that will meet all your expectations. Do you want to arrive on Klein Curacao as quickly as possible, sail calmly with a luxury sailing yacht or would you prefer to dive?

We have the best deals for you. For the people who can’t get enough of Klein Curacao, we even offer Klein Curacao excursions where you can camp on the beach. You can make your excursion to Klein Curacao as exclusive as you wish.

Original price was: $1,799.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.
Original price was: $1,850.00.Current price is: $1,799.00.
Original price was: $1,849.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.

Make sure you adjust your transport to your comfort requirements. It is a journey that will take more than an hour on most boats. The only exception is the Powerboat, which will cover this distance considerably faster. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages and you decide which ones are important to you.


Book your excursion to Klein Curacao based on the price

When you book an excursion to Klein Curacao with us, you will you soon find out that most of the trips will cost around $ 99 per person. It is up to you to decide which trip is interesting for you. The price for an excursion to Klein Curacao is by no means based on the perks that you get in addition to transportation and the time you spend on it Island in all cases. When you visit Curaçao on a cruise and have relatively little time to visit both Curacao and Klein Curacao, you can choose to have a shared speedboat taxi to the island. This tour lasts 5.5 hours and in proportion with the other trips that take on average 9 hours this is called short. However, this half-day-trip offers enough time to explore the island and go snorkeling to see the Klein Curacao turtles. So you don’t always have to go on a full day trip. Booking an excursion to Klein Curacao is also possible when you have less time or want to spend the day with multiple activities.


Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

Do You Prefer A Private Charter Group Trip Dive Excursion Fishing Trip Sail Boat Power Boat ?

Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

Deep sea fishing with your excursion to Klein Curacao

During your visit to Klein Curacao you cannot afford to miss out on going deep sea fishing. If you are a lover, this is it an opportunity that you really should not miss. You can go fish in the waters around Klein Curacao for wahoo, barracuda, amberjacks, tuna, marlin and much more. Even if you are an experienced fisherman, it is difficult to rent a boat without a captain and crew. We offer various options for fishing around Klein Curacao but all these options are with crew. Perhaps also nicer, that way you can keep all your attention on your rod and you don’t have to worry where you are. The captain also often knows the most beautiful places around the catch the best fish.

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Book your Klein Curacao excursion now!

Whether you want to go fishing, spend the night on Klein Curacao or want to dive on Klein Curacao, we offer you the best trips to the island of Klein Curacao. Do you have special questions or things you want to know? Then you can ask us easily via the WhatsApp option on our website, or else you can email us ( or simply by pressing the “ask question” button on the excursion of your choice. We have the possibility to adjust your excursion to Klein Curacao so that it fully meets your requirements.

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