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Why book a Klein Curacao boat trip in advance?

When you want to make a Klein Curacao boat trip during your vacation to Curacao, it is wise to book it in advance. In fact, it is wise to book it when you are still at home. After all, you already know in advance when your vacation will take place and you can easily book your tickets for the boat trip online.

The number of boat trips per day is limited. When they are full, they are really full. There is no possibility to sail to Klein Curacao on your own, so the Klein Curacao boat trips are pretty soon fully booked. To prevent you from not being able to sail to Klein Curacao during your vacation, it is therefore important to already book your tickets before you arrive on Curacao.

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What KleinCuracao.Deals can offer you?

At KleinCuracao.Deals we have listed all boat trips for you. Every Klein Curacao boat trip you can think of, we have. In addition, we have made competitive deals for you, so you can book through us for the best prices. Whether you want to make a trip with for example the Black & White, Jonalisa or the Miss Ann, we can make it possible for you.

Of course, if you book well in advance, because when a boat is fully booked, it is fully booked. Of course, we will then assist you as best we can to find another option or perhaps another day. But you now understand that you have to make a choice well in advance and book it.

Especially in high season or during the school vacations it is busy, but don’t forget the carnival season. Even then it is busy and chances are that a boat is already fully booked if you want to book it on the spot. Try not to book the boat trip only when you are on Curacao itself. Chances are that there are no more possibilities to book a boat trip, because the places have already been discussed. At that moment there is no possibility to book a boat trip to Klein Curacao.

Therefore, you always book in advance and never at the location itself. By the way, it is not impossible to find a place at short notice. Are you already on Curacao and are you unable to book a Klein Curacao boat trip? Please contact us, so we can see what we can do for you. Would you like to sail to Klein Curacao but are you seasick? Then it is recommended to book the Powerboat. Because it sails so fast, the chance that you get seasick is minimal. You are also much faster on the beautiful Klein Curacao.

Check out the possibilities with the Powerboat on our website or contact us. We are happy to help you find the boat trip that suits you best. Do you already know what you want, what the budget is and how many people have to take it? Then we are happy to help you directly with a tailored offer.


Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

Do You Prefer A Private Charter Group Trip Dive Excursion Fishing Trip Sail Boat Power Boat ?

Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

Where do the Klein Curacao boat trips depart from?

Most boat trips to Klein Curacao depart in the vicinity of the Caracas Bay. This bay is located southeast of the district Jan Thiel in Willemstad. Other departure points are the Spanish Water or Zanzibar which are also near Jan Thiel. Please note that you have to come to this location yourself before the boats will leave, or that you need to book an additional transfer. Often this can already be done for a few euros. Afterwards you will be dropped off again, so you can go back to your hotel or enjoy the evening life in Jan Thiel.

Boat trip Klein Curacao price comparison

On our website you can easily compare the costs for a boat trip to Klein Curacao. We have a diverse offer with an equally diverse range of boats so you can find the trip that suits you. Would you like to rent a boat privately with a group of friends and family, or would you just like to visit this wonderful island Klein Curacao with the fastest possible option? Everything is possible. The team of KleinCuracao.Deals is ready for you. On our website you can contact us via the WhatsApp function so we can answer all your questions as soon as possible. If you would like to email us, you can do so via We will answer you as soon as possible. When you book your boat trip in advance, it is for the same price as if you would book it on the spot. So it makes little or no difference whether you book your trip today or in a week’s time. In addition, we always do our best to arrange the best deals for you, so with us you are guaranteed to find the best Klein Curacao boat trips for the best prices.

What are the options?

The number of options for boat trips to Curacao is so wide that it can be difficult to find the boat trip you prefer to book. On our website you will find a clear overview of the possibilities. There are boat trips to Klein Curacao that you can book directly and bring you directly to the island as soon as possible.

You can also choose for a complete cruise with breakfast on board, so you can arrive at Klein Curacao with a full stomach and explore the island at your leisure. Please also note that there are excursions and day trips. With an excursion you are just over 5 hours away. A day trip is a trip of 9 hours in total. Would you like to do all kinds of things and be able to arrange the time yourself during the visit? Then a day trip is the best option. There is a lot to do when you choose a Klein Curacao boat trip.

The various boat trips to Klein Curacao also have different travel times. Please note that this may affect the time you can spend on the island. Would you like to be able to arrange the time all by yourself and not be dependent on others? Then it might be a good idea to inquire directly about the possibilities of completely renting a boat. For example, you have a private boat with skipper and you can just deviate from the plans whenever you want. The experienced skippers know exactly what is possible.

Would you even like to be able to cast a fishing rod during the boat trip to Klein Curacao? If so, please let us know in advance so that the right equipment is on board when you come on the boat.

Special wishes, looking for specific possibilities or more information about the options available? No problem at all. Just contact us so we can see which of the boat trips best suits your needs and budget. After all, in the end it’s all about your vacation. Therefore we like to do some extra work to make it a complete success.

What can you do when you choose a Klein Curacao boat trip?

Klein Curacao is not a huge island. It only covers two square kilometers, which means that you can see the entire island in one day whenever you want. The island is completely surrounded by clear blue water with beautiful beaches. The sandy beaches here are called the most beautiful in the world and seem to come straight off a postcard. Lovely to spend the whole day there, to swim and then seek the shade again and enjoy the beautiful views from your beach chair. Would you rather be a little more active during your vacation on Klein Curacao? That is of course also possible. How about a walk to the lighthouse after the boat trip to Klein Curacao? The lighthouse has a long history and plays an important role for the shipping industry. Nowadays the lighthouse is equipped with LED lighting, so it is completely durable and can always be used. At this moment we are working on the restoration, so that all tourists can climb the lighthouse again. A good time to take pictures now!

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Isn’t a walk to the lighthouse or around the island enough activity? Then there is more than enough to do on and in the water. How about kitesurfing on the clear blue water with beautiful views? Or just swimming of course, where there is a good chance that you will encounter sea turtles. These are the locals who are now well used to the people. They are not shy, they like to swim past you and come to the surface for air. They are beautiful animals, but leave them alone. Sea turtles are not dangerous as long as you leave them alone and don’t touch them. Enjoy their presence, take pictures and videos, but remember that they are animals.

And of course snorkeling and diving

Would you like to fully enjoy the possibilities of snorkeling and diving during your vacation? If so, book your boat trip to Klein Curacao today. Snorkeling and scuba diving (Klein Curacao scuba diving article) are very popular around the island and not very strange. The beautiful underwater scenes are breathtaking and every lover of the underwater world can indulge himself or herself here. Lovely to do and even more fun to watch the movies and pictures after the vacation. Don’t forget to take some extra memory with you when you go to Klein Curacao – and possibly even a power bank? That way you can be sure you won’t run into disappointment.

That is why you choose a boat trip to Klein Curacao.

After the boat trip to Klein Curacao a small paradise is waiting for you. You decide what you want to discover first. Have you chosen for a complete day on the island, then you have all the possibilities to see and do everything, so you can be sure that you do not miss anything. If you choose for an excursion because you have just a little less time, then it is time to set priorities. If you want to take the time for everything, then it is time to prioritize. The possibilities are very diverse, despite the small size of the island. The lighthouse and the flora and fauna on the island are a feast for the eyes, especially if you know the history of Klein Curacao a little. Also on and in the water is more than enough to see and experience. Klein Curacao offers you vacation opportunities that you will not find anywhere else and therefore may be high on your list of priorities when you are on vacation here.

Book the trip to Klein Curacao immediately?

Have you read the information about Klein Curacao and are you sold? Then we urge you to book the boat trip to Klein Curacao as soon as possible. Not because otherwise we will not get the boats full. On the contrary.

Curacao is crowded during the vacation period and the peak moments ensure that the boat spots quickly fill up. This means there is a good chance that you will get zero trouble when you want to book on the spot. Not just for that day, but for your entire vacation. And those are particularly annoying moments.

Have you already booked your vacation to Curacao and are the dates confirmed? Then take a look at the different boats to Klein Curacao. If you already book your place(s), then you know for sure that you will have a place on the boat in a few weeks (or months).

The sooner you book your Klein Curacao Boat Trip the better! Would you like to know more about the possibilities around a boat trip to Klein Curacao, would you like more information or book a boat trip directly with special wishes? Then contact us today. We are happy to help you personally with a customized offer.

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