Why you won’t experience this Breathtaking View of Klein Curacao! (And what you can do about it)

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A pearly sandy beach awaits you hidden 25km’s off the shore of Curacao, a wide open uninhabited island that runs as far as your eyes can see, that looks like it was painted right before your eyes by a master artist…


Over 21 boat trips take you straight to the hidden Caribbean gem, Klein Curacao!

From some of the world’s most turquoise waters, the secluded Klein Curacao offers the most incredible view you will ever see, you can’t help but feel you are somewhere special.


Let our Tour Operators introduce you to one of the wonders that makes Curacao swell with pride and take your breath away. Come stand at the top of the island in the lighthouse and feel your eyes take in every inch of this mesmerizing artwork of nature.

The underwater world at Klein Curacao will give you a mind-blowing adventure to explore the endangered sea turtle species,  preserved on their nesting location and if you love to Scuba dive, there is a hidden shark cave for you to explore.

Credits to Turtle and Ray Productions

Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

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Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

Every day is scenic on Klein Curacao which daytime ends with a sunset horizon to look out on. Whether you enjoy spending time with friends, family or just by yourself, it’s sure to create the kinds of memories that will stay with you forever. (Mark our words.)

Over 21 Boat trips take you straight in and straight out for an unforgettable experience – just 25 Km’s away from Curacao. These trips will give you a totally unique view of the Caribbean and its natural wonders, far from the busy city life

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If you have a family, children can have tons of fun on Klein Curacao too, thanks to the boat trip, sea turtles, flying fish, dolphins, BBQ, and beach sports games (FYI remember to bring their favorite beach toys!) … And you can make tons of photographs to take back with you, on your phone/camera  AND in your heart!

If you’re with that special someone, why not add a touch of romance with a glass of wine or champagne as you watch the sunset on Klein Curacao? That is possible if you book an overnight tour to Klein Curacao.

If you are considering to visit Klein Curacao and have seen the images and drone videos… trust us, the view is even more breathtaking in person!

This is where you’ll find your mental peace again, going on a sensational boat trip to Klein Curacao!

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