Klein Curacao: watching turtles in real life!

Klein Curacao and turtles, those two are inseparably connected. The small island southeast of Curacao is a true paradise for people who want to see flora and fauna in person. The diversity of animals and plants is great, but especially the number turtles on Klein Curacao continue to surprise during snorkeling and diving. The snow-white beaches, the beautiful view and the wonderful temperature, it all fails to impress once you see the many turtles up close.

Remember: it’s a sustainable paradise here. Do not touch the turtles on Klein Curacao and don’t disturbe them so that the next generations can also come and have a look.




What else does Klein Curacao offer besides the turtles?

The underwater world around Klein Curacao is a true diversity oasis. The reef, the beautiful fish in many colors, the sponges and it coral. It is all beautiful and seems unspoiled, despite the fact that thousands of people come here every year to dive and snorkel to be able to photograph the best pictures. That the small island is not easy to reach helps of course.

Do you want to see the turtles on Klein Curacao and be enchantedly touched by the magic of the world underwater? Then you have to get on the boat. There are various options. You can choose a boat that allows you to immediately start fishing, but you can also choose a powerboat so that you get on the magical island as quickly as possible. You will of course find all the different boat options on this website, including prices and service details so that you can make a choice even easier.


Is it easy to view the turtles on Klein Curacao?

Yes, the turtles are just outside the shoreline and they are used to the many tourists who visit here every year. So they are absolutely not shy. That’s why it’s even harder to remember not to touch the animals.

They are used to people, but not to all our diseases and bacteria. A simple touch could eradicate an entire species on Klein Curacao. In addition, these “cute” animals can with their sharp jaws and bite a finger off easily which will be a very disappointing reminder of
your vacation on Klein Curacao.


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