Klein Curacao: the weather and climate

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Klein Curacao: the weather and climate

Klein Curacao almost always has nice weather. It lies in a tropical savannah climate which ensures that high temperatures are expected during your vacation. It is good to know what the weather is like on Klein Curacao before you book a trip, because you can actually plan the trip based on the temperatures and the weather forecast. What is the climate like on Klein Curacao and what should you really take into account

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Klein Curacao: weather to enjoy!

Klein Curacao has a tropical climate. That means temperatures that are often above 30 degrees. The minimum temperature is not much lower here. It barely falls below 24 degrees. Which applies for the whole year, because the weather on Klein Curacao is very stable.

The cooler evenings are the reason to search for an air-conditioned hotel in the neighborhood because during a trip to Klein Curacao it will be warm, guaranteed. This means that you have to plan ‘active plans’ early in the morning. A walk to the lighthouse, where shade is hardly available for example. When the sun is not on its highest point yet. You can actually lie on the beach or swim all day, as long as you stay well-protected from the sun.

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Cloud, sun and precipitation?

In Klein Curacao the weather is fairly stable. That does not mean that there is no rainfall. In November, for example, an average of 144 millimeter of precipitation falls, usually in short heavy rains, but even then the temperature remains high. You can count on quite a few clouds on the right days, so the temperature which you feel is lower and you can do just that little bit more.

Are you looking for the warmth? Then the Klein Curacao weather is something to enjoy. High temperatures, nice days and cool in the sea. Although, that water is of course not very fresh either. In Klein Curacao the weather is great for anyone wanting to enjoy a sunny holiday!


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Enjoy the great Klein Curacao weather yourself!

Do you also want to enjoy the wonderful weather in Klein Curacao? Then book your holiday, especially outside the period from November to December. The chance of precipitation is then somewhat higher because it is rainy season.

Interested in the possibilities and encouraged by this Klein Curacao weather expectation? Then make use of our website to book a trip to Klein Curacao. You can always indicate special wishes with us in advance, so that we can cater to this as much as possible. You can easily reach us via WhatsApp or via the email address:

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