Klein Curacao: Rent a Boat and explore the magical island

Explore Klein Curacao and rent a boat to really inspect this magical island. Snow-white beaches, unique flora and fauna and, above all, lots of enjoyment are already waiting for you. Immediately a warning (and we dont try to get you in the boat as quickly as possible): book on time! Klein Curacao and “rent a boat” are inseparably linked. That is not strange, because walking or swimming to this island is not possible. Given the immense popularity, the boats are almost always full. And that means that you really have to be on time. By the way, you can book the boat to Klein Curacao with us today, so that you can be sure that you can join us on the boat.



Visiting Klein Curacao by renting a boat

Renting a boat to visit Klein Curacao is very easy. Via our website you can directly see the options next to each other to compare which boat trip suits you best. No awkward stories with “Klein Curacao rent boat” once you are there, but just take a look now which is the best option.

We are happy to help you with this. We know exactly what the possibilities are after all.

That way you can make the crossing with an intimate group possibly even spend the night on the island. Or you opt for a particularly fast trip – or a trip including fishing at sea. You choose the best fits your needs and that makes your vacation even more fun to plan in advance.

Explore Klein Curacao: rent a boat and view this beautiful island as if you were directly visiting a postcard.




Klein Curacao diving

Always know what the options are before you board the boat

We think it is important that you know in advance exactly what the possibilities are. That is why we are very clear about this on our website. We would like to let you know what the exact prices are and what options there are.

If you rent a boat to explore Klein Curacao, this always happens with a skipper. You cannot rent a boat without a captain because of several reasons.

The experienced skippers know where to find the best places and ensure that you always arrive safely on the island. Are you going with a smaller group and rent an entire boat directly to reach Klein Curacao, then you can consult with the skipper about the exact details and options. This of course becomes much easier when you do this directly with us, so that we can arrange the right boats and crew for you. After all, it’s your vacation!

Do you already know what you want to do first? See the famous lighthouse with your own eyes for example? Snorkeling with the sea turtles? Or roaming the beaches to see where your towel can best be placed?


Klein Curacao: rent a boat? Arrange immediately!

Do you want to rent a boat to explore Klein Curacao? Or would you like to know more about the options for arranging an overnight stay directly with a small group? We know exactly what the options and rules are. Contact us directly for more information or to book a boat to or from Klein Curacao. You can reach us directly via WhatsApp, but you can also simply send an email to info@kcdmaart2021.webdevelopmentz.nl We always respond as quickly as possible so that you can start planning immediately.