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An excursion to Klein Curacao

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You can now quickly and easily book your Klein Curacao excursion at KleinCuracao.Deals! When you book with us, you not only book at the most attractive rates, but you can also easily choose from our wide range. We offer all popular Klein Curacao Excursions that will meet all your expectations. Would you like to arrive at Klein Curacao as soon as possible, sail quietly on a luxury sailing yacht or would you prefer to dive? We have the best deals for you. For those who can’t get enough of Klein Curacao, we even offer the Klein Curacao excursion where you can camp on the beach. You can make your excursion to Klein Curacao as exclusive as you wish.

Make sure you your boat trip based on your comfort requirements. It’s a trip that on most boats will take over an hour, the only exception is the Powerboat (and other fast travel boat trips) that will cover this distance considerably faster. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages and you decide which ones will weigh heavily on you.

Original price was: $1,799.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.
Original price was: $1,850.00.Current price is: $1,799.00.

Book your excursion to Klein Curacao based on price

When you book an excursion to Klein Curacao with us, you will quickly find out that most of the trips will cost around $99. It is up to you to decide which trip is of interest to you. The price for an excursion to Klein Curacao is not always based on the extras you get in addition to transportation and the time you spend on the island.

If you are visiting Curacao on a cruise and have relatively little time to visit both Curacao and Klein Curacao, you can choose to take a shared speedboat taxi to Klein Curacao. This trip takes 5.5 hours and is short compared to the other trips that take 9 hours on average.

However, on this half day you will have enough time to explore the island and snorkel to see the turtles. So you do not always have to book a day trip, an excursion to Klein Curacao is also possible when you have or want to spend less time.


Deep sea fishing on your excursion to Klein Curacao

During your visit to Klein Curacao you can’t pass up the opportunity to go deep sea fishing. If you are a lover, this is an opportunity you really should not miss. You can fish in the waters around Klein Curacao for wahoo, barracuda, amberjacks, tuna, marlin and much more. Even if you are an experienced fisherman, it is difficult to rent a boat without a captain and crew.

We offer various possibilities to go fishing around Klein Curacao but all these options are with crew. Probably also so enjoyable, so you can keep all your attention with your fishing rod and you do not have to worry where you are. Also, the captain often knows the best places to catch the best fish.


Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

Do You Prefer A Private Charter Group Trip Dive Excursion Fishing Trip Sail Boat Power Boat ?

Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

Why book an excursion to Klein Curacao?

Klein Curacao is an island you should not miss when you are in the neighborhood. The beaches are called the most beautiful beaches in the world, the views are breathtaking and the blue water is as you would expect on a postcard. Klein Curacao also has a lot to offer and an excursion to Klein Curacao should not be missed. You do not want to be one of the people who comes back after your vacation and then realize that you missed something wonderful.

The island has a lighthouse with a long history. This lighthouse is being restored so that it can be climbed again. In addition, the lighthouse is located within walking distance of the beach, so you can see it with certainty (this is possible on a small island of course). Do you make sure you have headgear, good footwear and water with you? It can get very hot on an average day, so it is wise to be well prepared.

If you are out walking anyway, it is highly recommended to take a look at the shipwrecks. There are several shipwrecks around the island, all worth a picture as a souvenir. On our website you will of course find more information about the wrecks, so you can be well prepared.


What is important when booking an excursion to Klein Curacao?

The most important thing is to book the excursion in advance. Are you a few days on Curacao and you have not arranged the boat trip in advance? Then the chance that you can arrange an excursion is very small. The excursions to Klein Curacao are very popular. But the number of places on the boats is limited of course. Are all the places already discussed for the coming week, then you simply can not go to Klein Curacao during your vacation. That would not only be annoying, it is probably also something that will leave a big mark on your complete vacation because you know you have missed something.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you book the excursion to Klein Curacao directly when you book a stay on Curacao. If the date is confirmed, you can already book the boat trip. This way you know for sure that you have a place on the boat and that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Of course the excursions to Klein Curacao can already be booked through our website.


Which excursion to Klein Curacao suits you?

There are several ways to design your Klein Curacao excursion. For example, you can choose to just book a boat trip and then explore the island. There are boats that will put you ashore in no time and pick you up at the end of the day. But there are also other ways to make it a fun day. How about a boat with a complete breakfast, so you can eat and drink during the trip, and then come ashore with a full stomach and go directly to the lighthouse?

Given the beautiful location of Klein Curacao, it will not surprise you that you can extend the excursion with various activities. Not everyone feels like lying on the beach all day, in the shade of a palm tree. If you want to be more active during your vacation, you can also choose to snorkel in the surroundings of Klein Curacao. Definitely worth it, because thanks to the clear water you can fully enjoy all the brightly colored fish. With a little luck you will meet some more locals, such as the sea turtles that are present here.

They are beautiful animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. They are quiet, swim around and regularly come to the surface to breathe. Very special to take a picture of these animals or to see them swim past you. We kindly ask you to leave the animals alone. Do not rush them and do not touch them; after all, it is the locals who have their home here.

Would you like to have some more time to visit the island and see everything quietly? Then an excursion is probably not the best option for you, because it has a limited time. A day trip to Klein Curacao is probably more practical because it takes almost twice as much time. You can sunbathe, dive, view the lighthouse and take pictures of shipwrecks. If you only have time for an excursion and not for a complete daytrip, then it’s up to you. Since you already know what to do, it is easier than when you arrive on the island and then you have to decide what is on the priority list and what exactly should be removed due to time constraints.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities or the difference between an excursion and a full day? Please contact us or take a look at the information on the website. We will be happy to help you find the options that best fit your wishes, time and budget. Our ultimate goal is to make a great success of your vacation and in order to achieve this we are happy to advice you if you are not yet sure what you want to do on your excursion to Klein Curacao.


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Other things to do during your visit to Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao of course is surrounded by water. This means that the environment is particularly suitable for activities. For example, you can enjoy diving here.

The clear blue waters are inviting for every diving fan and with a special Klein Curacao excursion you can take unique underwater pictures that can hang on the wall for years to come as a souvenir. Prefer to stay above water? That is also possible, for example by kitesurfing on Klein Curacao.


Enjoyment during your excursion to Klein Curacao

Do you want to make the most of your well-deserved vacation and take the most beautiful pictures during your stay? Then an excursion to Klein Curacao should not be missing from your list, because here you will see the most beautiful beaches, waters and local animals that you will not find anywhere else in the world. This makes Klein Curacao without a doubt one of the highlights during your stay in this neighborhood.

Do you not know yet what you want – or do you know very well what you want, but you can’t find the right option on our website so quickly? The possibilities around an excursion to Klein Curacao are extremely versatile. So versatile that it is not always easy. That is why you can always contact us for more information. We know what the options are, where we can go for special requests and we are happy to help you make it the top vacation you want.

Book your Klein Curacao excursion now!

Whether you want to go fishing, spend the night at Klein Curacao or want to dive, we offer the best trips to the island of Klein Curacao for you. Do you have special questions or things you want to know? Then you can easily ask them via the WhatsApp option on our website, or else you can use the option to email us ( or simply press the “ask question” button on your Klein Curacao Excursion of choice.

We have the option to customize your excursion to Klein Curacao to fully meet your requirements.

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