Diving on Klein Curacao Tour


Diving on Klein Curacao Tour

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9 Hours


Sea Aquarium, Curacao

Group Size

12 persons


Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Tour Highlights: 

Klein Curaçao is famous for the turtle population that breeds here. A light lunch is served on board.

Tour Type

Private Charter, Fast Travel

Tour Overview

Join us on a 2-tank Dive Trip to Klein Curaçao and Curacao’s East Point

East Point, the first dive site is an unspoiled, lush, and pristine reef alive with turtles, rays, large fish, sharks, and much more.

During surface interval, we will cross over to Klein Curaçao for the second dive. Klein Curaçao is famous for the turtle population that breeds here. A light lunch is served on board. You will have time to swim, walk to the lighthouse, and take pictures of Klein Curaçao before returning to Curacao.

Want an adventure? Join us!

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The travel time depends on the weather situation, but on average it will take about 90 minutes.

56 reviews for Diving on Klein Curacao Tour

  1. MaxOrlandi (verified owner)

    Ocean Encounters is located in Bapor Kibra, one of the best shoreside of Curaçao, close to Mambo Beach and nearby to nice restaurants and lounge bars. One can access the facility both from the Lions Dive Hotel and the Sea Acquarium. Personally I love their boat docks and the layout in general, it’s really spacious and comfortable. They have the biggest dive boat fleet on the island and they don’t miss a beat. The staff is highly skilled, the service always professional and friendly.
    Thank you Ocean Encounters for having powered the Fuikbay scuba cleanup. Plus the burgers were delicious!
    I highly recommend Ocean Encounters!

  2. Brittany C (verified owner)

    This was one of our favorite things we did on our trip! We decided last minute to visit the aquarium and saw this excursion. It was just my husband and I with a guide, and he let us just explore to start. We snorkeled with so many fish, and then were able to feed the different types of sharks as well as touch and feed the stingrays. Unforgettable experience!

  3. Johns2012a (verified owner)

    Hi we came to complete our open water dive certification having done our pool and classroom training at home. We stayed at Lions Dive Beach Resort. This was perfect because it allowed us to roll out of bed and is very central to shopping and restaurants. We also were fortunate to have an excellent instructor who loved diving and had a world of experience from the military and living abroad. My 19 yr old son really liked working with him he made a big impression on him as once we graduated my son took on his role in leading me through the dives as he quickly mastered all the hand signals and safety guards he had learned. I found for me our instructor was very calming and patient in the water as I worked through the usual beginner’s difficulties with equalizing and buoyancy issues. We participated in several dives a day during the week. We went to Mushroom Forest and the Blue Room both are spectacular. We had a photographer from Turtle & Ray productions who took video and pictures. The video was done on our last certification dive and with just myself and my son. The pictures are gorgeous and great teaching tools. I would definitely recommend this outfit and strongly advise others to ask about having a private video session in the water. We were referred by Scuba Travel Adventures. They got every piece of the trip that mattered right e.g. Lions Dive, Ocean Encounters Diving and very importantly linked us in to Turtle & Ray productions who use top notch underwater photography equipment to make even beginners like us look like pros. Definitely include Turtle & Ray team in your dive as they were a big part of our very positive experience.

  4. Serenityrider (verified owner)

    The people at this dive center are very helpful and friendly. The dive masters are great and make sure you really enjoy your dives. The dolphin open water dive is a must for scuba divers! It is definitely a memory for a lifetime.

  5. birdiecp (verified owner)

    Dove with Ocean Encounters for the Scubaboard Surge. Jeremiah and his crew did an amazing job of juggling our sizeable group and rallied all the great fish out for our week of dive excursions! and Cally was a great DM for our group. Many thanks and look forward to diving with them again soon!

  6. drrich2 (verified owner)

    Stayed at Sunscape Resort Curacao and did 5 2-tank morning boat dive trips with Ocean Encounters, which has an operation at the resort. They have 4 boats, the Curacao x, with x being Princess, Star, Phoenix or Galaxy. The Princess was used by non-ScubaBoard Surge divers, and Surgers rotated through the other 3, which were not identical. The Galaxy had overhead netting for storage, a 2-level table with various items, and the tank racks accepted 100-cf tanks. The Phoenix and Star racks didn’t accommodate the optional 100-cf tanks (so they tucked partly beneath the seating), neither had overhead netting (but the front ‘dashboard’ had some space for dry stuff) and the Phoenix had the table but the Star didn’t. All were fine, but life diving 100-cf tanks was easier aboard the Galaxy.
    Ocean Encounters staff were friendly, helpful and fun. Most of our group put gear on their 1st tank of the day; staff switched out tanks after the 1st dive, and were available if more assistance was needed individually. I benefited because my new BP/W setup wasn’t all ‘dialed in,’ had a little cam band drama, and staff addressed it and told me what they were doing while they did. We were offering sliced oranges and water between dives, and they had a neat system for keeping up with your cup to minimize waste. If I understand correctly, O.E. offers a 2-tank morning dive, a 1-tank afternoon dive, and a night dive on Wednesday (or any day if you’ve got at least 8 people).
    Boat trips to 1st site tended to run under 30 minutes. Typical plan max. depth 60 feet/18 m, not rigidly enforced, guided dive, turn around at about 25 minutes, return trip portion somewhat shallow. Reef lusher than I expected, lots of small but not a lot of big stuff, water temp.s roughly 78 degrees, viz. about 60-80 feet I estimate.
    On the whole, a very good trip. Would’ve dove more, but had non-diving family along.

  7. Andreas (verified owner)

    We stayed at Sunscape Resort and had a divebase directly at the hotel. The service was great, if you have a question or problem they are always there to help you. My girlfriend had some problems during the dives and it was then no problem to switch the pre-paid dives so that I could use them. The boat trips are well organized. Depending on the amount of divers on a boat there are more ore less Dive Masters in the boat. We had a good time and felt very comfortable at Ocean Encounters.

  8. Esa1304 (verified owner)

    Simply a great experience. You have to experience this if you go to Curacao. Everything worked great.

  9. ItsAllAGame (verified owner)

    Rented scuba equipment from Ocean encounters and found the staff to be helpful. It was great to have expert direction that allowed us to do a self dive along the wall, just outside the beach. Great reef and quite a good variety of fish.

  10. susan l (verified owner)

    So Awesome, feed the sharks and sting Rays. Total amazing!! Ruth was such a fun guide. I totally recommend.

  11. Kirk P (verified owner)

    George, Sophie and Kirsten at the Sunscape Resort shop are the greatest. Lots of help, good advise, along with excellent rental gear, make this dive shop the best.

  12. Ron M (verified owner)

    This was my first trip to Curacao and this dive operation was connected to my resort. I was very happy with the entire setup; the shop is large with a good selection of items, the shop staff is very friendly and accomodating. I did 4 dives with the group and was very happy with their professionalism, sense of fun, good dive briefings, safety, etc. I did the Klein Curacao trip which involves a morning pair of dives and then some time at Klein Curacao. It was a nice day on the boat. When I return to Curacao I’ll definitely go diving with this outfit.

  13. Laura Warburton (verified owner)

    Our dive master Vivian was wonderful. The facility was excellent. We did two dives. A lovely beach for those who want to sit on the beach. Snorkeling available as well.

    Probably the most unique aspect of this dive operator is their involvement in growing of coral. They had a mini coral farm we were able to visit on our second dive.

    All equipment worked well. I had my own mask.

  14. Sandyd (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed this, we had a lot of free time just to snorkel with the fish. The staff were awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly.

  15. BretStew (verified owner)

    If you love diving and are in Curacao you can’t go wrong with Ocean Encounters. We dove with them for a week and Chris and Viviana were amazing dive masters and tons of fun. We brought a large group and the shore personel aka Jorge and our boat captain Remy all made our week great.

  16. austinfamilyof4 (verified owner)

    This dive shop was amazing and the reason we stayed at LionsDive Resort. We dove with them for four consecutive days, including two night dives. The divemasters and boat captains are enthusiastic and friendly, and those in the shop were helpful and courteous. Big shout outs to Jeremiah, Jahja, KM, Sophie, and Chris. We felt safe on our dives, but not suffocated. Our group dove every day, usually the two tank dive in the morning as well as the night dives when available.
    The absolute highlight of our diving was the dolphin dive in the open ocean. This is done in coordination with the Dolphin Academy and it was incredible! The six guests (all certified divers) and one dive master from Ocean Encounters meet the two dolphins and their (scuba diving) trainers out in the ocean not far from the resort. The dolphins were amazing and the trainers did a fantastic job of making sure each diver got to spend one-on-one time with the dolphins. We were able to touch them, swim with them, and go nose-to-nose. The dolphins were so friendly and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the divers. The encounter last over 25 minutes and then the dolphins headed back home while we finished our dive.

  17. dnacorn (verified owner)

    Located in our resort, Lion’s Dive, we had the best experience with a dive shop in the Caribbean. They have four large boats, all well maintained and clean, and a staff of experienced and friendly captains and dive masters. We dove three days, both two tank dives, in wonderful reefs nearby Mombo Beach. Lots of turtles and eels in well preserved and vibrant reefs. We saw our first seahorse after 50 dives in different Caribbean islands. And I dove with dolphin from the nearby Seaquarium of Curacao in a special program they have twice a week. All sorts of dives are offered, including night dives. They have a fully operational school for scuba classes, with nice classrooms and caring instructors. The equipment to rent is nice and if you dive several days in a row you can keep the same equipment and just hang it up in one of their storage areas. Everyone, including the store counter operators, was pleasant and helpful. Many thanks to the dive boat captains and the wonderful dive masters!

  18. Drew N (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly impressed with Ocean Encounters at Lions dive and Beach Resort in Curaçao. Jeremiah, Paul and the entire staff run an outstanding dive operation. Special thank you to our dive master Charli who went above and beyond. The crews were exceptional, and the rest of the staff made our trip truly memorable. I couldn’t recommend this dive operation more. We will return.

  19. Jan R (verified owner)

    Our 12 year old daughter just did a 2 days referral course at Ocean Encounters to get her PADI Open Water Diver certification (April 2019). She had a wonderful course with instructor Yahya. He is very good with kids, safety first, and he has a way of getting kids to understand all the in and outs they need to know. The Ocean Encounters staff was very helpful, friendly and good in the job they do. At the same time they are relaxed, not pushy at all and clear about the way they work.
    We also had the pleasure to meet Ocean Encounters director Jeremiah, who does an excellent job as well. I can recommend diving in Curaçao to everyone, and the best way to do that is with Ocean Encounters. On top of that, they have an excellent reef just in front of the shop. You can just walk 30 meters and have an magnificent shore dive! We’ll be back for sure. Hope to see you there!

  20. Paul C (verified owner)

    We had a great time with The entire Ocean Encounter dive crew! Logged 10 Beautiful dives from the Mushroom Forrest & Blue room to the Kline Island. Tons of sea life ranging from large sea turtles and bottle nose dolphins to the small sea horses. The reefs were looking great and look forward to the next trip!!

  21. Jurgen B (verified owner)

    We did 7 dives with ocean encounters during our stay at sunscape resort. A large part of the dives were speciality dives in order to get our advanced license. Compliments for Arjen, our instructor during these dives. He is a very patient & passioned instructor and real fun to dive with! He does that bit of extra to go beyond the instructions from the book! Tip is the shore dive on the house reef at the main location. I believed it was called Stella maris. You dive past the coral farms & can get a better view of the activities that they are doing to ensure the future of the reef & sealife! We rented all our equipment, and these were in perfect condition. So i would definitely recommend to choose for ocean encounters if you are looking for a dive club in curaçao.

  22. Stacy B (verified owner)

    Do not use the location at the Sunscape hotel. The attendants are rude, condescending and deliberately unhelpful.
    He equipment is in poor condition. During the times we used the gear 1 or 2 of the masks would fail and the fins were cracked and broken.

    We went there on May 5th to rent snorkel equipment for 24 hours. We were told that for a family of 4 for mask and fins was $15/day each plus a $100 deposit. We came back the next day with $160 in cash and was told that the cost was now $20/each and a $200 deposit. I paused for a minute where in the attendant broke into a tirade about complaining about the change in cost as if it were my fault. I tried to explain that all I was doing was trying to figure out how to go back to the room and get more money…and she became even worse. Why, I do not know because I was still trying to give them business.

    The young woman at the counter said she was there when we were given the information before and that I misunderstood the costs because the $15 was for the fins only because our son has a prescription set of goggles. Huh? Yes, he has goggles but the other three of us don’t. She said the deposit for the rental was $50/per person and that the other lady that quoted me was confused because my husband wasn’t with me, that there were only 3 of us there. I tried to explain that it didn’t make sense because if so, why didn’t she quote me $150 yesterday when she just acknowledged that she was there and there were 3 of us when she quoted us $15/each and a $100 deposit? Also, when we got the quote we were holding 3 full sets of gear and one pair of fins.

    We chose not to rent the gear because of the rude and condescending attitude of the attendants as well as the poor condition of the gear itself.

  23. Dragos P (verified owner)

    Great diving center, did 4 boat dives with them. Cool instructors (Cheers Yahya) and good comfortable boats.
    Good value for money, they take you to beautiful locations and they give you extra information.
    Big plus: they arrange transportation from and back to your accomodation.

  24. mrshershey2015 (verified owner)

    We had a great week diving with Oceans Encounters. The marine life and coral here is stunning. All of the staff was so friendly and helpful. We spent most of our dives with Chris and he was a great divemaster. We highly recommend using Oceans Encounters when you’re visiting Curacao.

  25. Roberta M (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic week diving with Ocean Encounters. We stayed at Sunscape and dove every day but one when we spent some time in Willemstad. George and Sophie were outstanding as was the other attendant whose name I never got. Our boat came every morning to pick us up from their main shop at Lions dive. Every one of the divemasters was GREAT as were the captains; Willem, Chris, Sophie, Cally, Yahya, you all were awesome. Thanks for a fantastic week of diving in Curacao

  26. Angela P (verified owner)

    I stayed at the adjacent LionsDive resort for 2 weeks. The fact that OE is right there at the resort is phenomenally convenient (plus OE uses the great house reef right there in front of LionsDive for easy shore diving – perfect for beginners!) I went solo with a diving group from North Carolina (as in, I didn’t bring a dive buddy with me). The plan was for me to finish up my diving certification while in Curacao. But just before our trip, I was having problems in N.C. with panicking and getting stressed in our dark, cold, low-visibility waters. In Curacao, I was able to actually calm down and get certified at OE with my dive instructor, Arjen – the water is so beautifully clear and warm – and with so much warm, wonderful encouragement and advice from some of the other crew – cheers to the professionalism and kindness of Jorge, Luis, Remy, Teeny, Yahya, Arjen, and Ruth. Between my dive group from N.C. and the OE gang, I realized that I will be diving for life – they welcome you right into the diving fold. I highly, highly recommend OE. LOVE OE!!!

  27. goutesaw (verified owner)

    In conjunction with the nearby Sea Aquarium we spent 30 minutes diving with 2 dolphins. Absolutely stunning! The trainer gave us a wonderful orientation to help us learn more about dolphins and know what to expect during the dive. We were able to touch them, play games, and watch them perform. It was unforgettable.

  28. Nbarmentlo (verified owner)

    As a biologist in the making, getting my Padi Open Water was one of my dreams. I did this course at Ocean Encounters and it was simply amazing. The instructor was very friendly and professional. In addition, the house reef is an amazing place to spot numerous species of fish. If you want to learn how to dive, I can really advice this diving school.

  29. jjeffbrown (verified owner)

    We recently returned from our fourth visit to Curacao and fourth trip diving wit Ocean Encounters. There are just not enough good things to say about OE and the diving services they provide. The boats are great, and the staff is professional and friendly. Everyone at OE makes us feel like we are part of the family and that we have literally come back home when we get there. We have already booked our next trip for next June. Too many people to mention, but would lie to give a special shout out to Jorge, Pol, Karen Maike, Charley, Remi, Ruth, Yahya, Viviana, Benji, and Luis.

  30. Joseph St. Martin (verified owner)

    I did the OWD referral course and Nitrox cert with OE. I also did 3 additional dives – Mushroom Forest X2 and Tugboat. All the ordering and questions were handled online through the website and email. This made everything convenient and taken care of ahead of time.

    Everything went really smooth. I just showed up and was good to go. Lots of extras included. No problems with any gear or any dives. I have nothing bad to say about OE. If you stay at Sunscape or Lions Dive it’s super convenient to dive with OE.

    A big thanks to Chris for great training sessions, to the divemasters on my dives, and to everyone at the office. Great job

  31. PhxMarie (verified owner)

    I’ve been diving a lot and I think this one felt most diving with family. Everyone on the staff is so outgoing and helpful, so educated on not only diving but the coral and fish. I struggled on one of my dives and Benji was right by my side to make sure I was okay!!! ?… whether you’re super experienced or new they’ll make you feel at home in the water!!! They’re a must when in Curaçao!!

  32. Susan L (verified owner)

    Curacao doesn’t protect the reef and it shows. I would not recommend doing a dive trip here. The reef is dead or dying. Ocean Encounters needs to decrease the amount of divers per dive guide. Sometimes there are 11 divers which is way too many divers for the small sea life. The dive guides are friendly and enthusiastic. . Disappointing

  33. AndrewLindsay2014 (verified owner)

    We did 14 dives in 12 days, all were good (inc. the house reef which we dived on our own with tanks supplied gratis.)Dive crew are very helpful and friendly. We thought it was a very good set up and better than many places we have dived. We found the -ve reviews very surprising considering how much we enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to all the team?

  34. dianao427 (verified owner)

    If you’re in Curacao, make sure you Scuba Dive with Ocean Encounters! Jeremiah and his staff are the best! Everyone from our wonderful captains and our experienced dive masters were great! George made sure the day to day operations ran smoothly and we arrived with a group of 17 to dive all week (10/26-11/2). The reefs are some of the best and healthiest we’ve seen in years. Don’t expect big life, mostly smaller species and juvenilles along with lots of turtles. The boats were great (we had 2 different boats throughout the week). Easy entries, easy boarding and caring staff to care for your gear and camera equipment. We got to enjoy the Mushroom Forest, The Blue Room, a little cruise past the town and a sample of the coral trees. There were lots of opportunites to enjoy afternoon dives, lionfish hunts, conservation dives and unlimited shore diving, which by the way was also wonderful. Thank you our Curacao friends for giving us a great week of diving!

  35. satree (verified owner)

    The reefs around the island of Curacao are healthy compared to many other locations we have dived. They are also working hard to restore damaged reefs. Quite a variety of fish and plant life. I saw more sea turtles here than I have ever seen. The boats are meticulous and the staff works hard to meet all of your needs. We were on a boat with at least 12 divers and two dive masters. The boat was large enough to accommodate all of our needs. I would definitely like to go back to dive with Ocean Encounters sometime in the future.

  36. Joanne F (verified owner)

    Spent a week SCUBA diving with Ocean Encounters. It’s a great dive operation and they really go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and happy. Luis, Teeny, and Lynn were with us most of the week, they will change out your tanks or you can do it yourself. They really are a lot of fun and take you to some great spots. The diving is really easy in crystal clear water. The reefs are very healthy and have beautiful soft and hard corals. Our trip to the “Blue Room” was very cool. A small cave, great spot for pictures & full of fish. Sophie and Benji filled in one day and were also great! Sophie found two frog fish on one coral head. We did a night dive on the house reef and it was teaming with life. All and all we had a wonderful week of diving.

  37. DivineMissMaja (verified owner)

    With a group of friends, I used Ocean Encounters for five days of two tank morning boat dives. After a little confusion on the first day, the rest of the trip went off with efficiency. Staff were outstanding, in particular Divemaster Sophie and Captain Ingrid: it was great to see an all-female crew that really nailed it. The boats were smallish, but not too crowded. The crew was very helpful in setting us up, changing our gear over to fresh tanks, and helping with equipment problems that cropped up. They had a locker just for our group’s gear storage, which was nice. The diving was good although not the best I’ve done. The reef was variable: great in places and not so great in others although all the sites chosen for dives were reasonably good. There was a nice mix of hard and soft corals. Yes, there were some patches of dead coral in some places, but with climate change, that is not uncommon to see. We saw a lot of turtles, but in most places the reef was not teeming with a variety of fish. There was enough wave action on most dives to make getting back into the boat challenging, although not the worst I’ve had it. Overall, I give Ocean Encounters a 5 and the ocean itself a 3-4.

  38. Michael H (verified owner)

    The staff at Ocean Encounters went out of their way to be flexible. Our cruise ship arrived too late for the morning dive and we weren’t sure there would be enough time for the afternoon dive. They came back to the dive shop after their first tank in the morning and picked us up for the second tank dive in the morning. That’s going over and beyond! Additionally, I was able to complete a shore dive with Hannah afterward, who was extremely knowledgeable about coral and the local reefs. They offer an educational Coral Reef Nursery Dive, which Hannah hosted…it was awesome! After learning about the local ecosystem, we went out and dove on a local coral nursery. It was amazing! I highly recommend the nursery dive with Hannah for anyone interested in coral reefs and/or the local underwater ecosystem.

  39. Dave K (verified owner)

    We stayed across from Ocean Encounters at the Royal Sea resort so walking to the dive boat was quick. The people from the front desk to the dive boat crew are all fantastic. I had Karen as our captain on 2 dive trips. She is very knowledgeable about the island and the dive sites. I think she worked there for 17 years! She was a pleasure to talk too. I dove on the LSD trip ( lion fish spear dive) which was a real blast. I was able to spear 4 lion fish and missed 3. Our boat speared a total of 30 with 13 divers. On the ride back the crew showed us the fish and their barns and then cleaned one up for us to try sushi. It was a texture of tuna but it is a white fish. It was great with soy and wasabi dip. You have to try it.
    I also did a night dive with Karen And Yacaha? We dove the Tug boat and under the pier. It was a full moon so looking up thru the dock piles was really cool. I was able to get some great video shots. I was disappointed there weren’t many eels, crabs or turtles to see. We only saw 1 spotted eel. Still it was a great dive.
    My next dive was the deep dive of the Superior wreck. It is at 110 ft to the bottom. We were able to go into the hull and around thru the keel. We had a visit from a large school of Tarpon with us which made for some great pictures.
    My last dive was at the Tug boat again but we dove the reef and not under the pier. It was a gentle relaxing dive with plenty to see.
    I extremely recommend using Ocean Encounters for your diving when Curacao. They have good equipment and the boats are well maintained but most of all they go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your dives!

  40. Maria B. (verified owner)

    We stopped at the dive shop. Jeremiah was very knowledgeable and helpful. The shop has equipment sales along with rentals. I had a discovery dive with Chris. He was very passionate, patient, encouraging and fun to spend time with. scheduled a mushroom dive for next week. Can’t wait! Whether you are an experienced diver or simply interested in trying this awesome sport, you must go here! Mambo Beach has a lot of shops, bars and restaurants. Kind of reminded me of Destin Harbor Boardwalk in Destin, Florida.

  41. bhporter1986 (verified owner)

    Very nice place. The atmosphere of the shop and it’s location makes you want to get in the water. Park in the lot, pay, and walk past the gate arms and down to the shop (don’t cross the bridge). Tons of rental gear and a bunch of large, well equipped, dive boats. Did a two tank boat dive and had a great time. Dive masters helped us spot a ton of wildlife. Saw 7 turtles on the first dive.

  42. Deborah N (verified owner)

    We stayed next door at LionsDive Resort. So convenient to the dive shop. We loved all the staff who were super friendly and really helpful with our various needs. Three dive boats right there. Dive sights close by. Loved diving with the Dolphins. That was super special. Ingrid, Naz, Evo, Cynthia, Sophie, Yahya, Remy were all wonderful on the boat and thank you for all your attention. You made our dive week so enjoyable. A million thanks to all of you! Deb and Peter

  43. Richard L (verified owner)

    Did a week of diving after not having do much in years. Did a checkout dive to get comfortable. By the end of a week did a wreck dive and enjoyed it. Safety-conscious and Friendly staff.

  44. Linda E (verified owner)

    Ocean Encounters and Coral Restoration Curacao (CRC) have a great partnership going. I was able to complete my PADI Coral Restoration Diver Specialty with them and then put my learning to work out in the coral nurseries and outplantings they have just offshore. This was a wonderful way to combine my love of diving with doing just a little something to help. Each time I ‘worked’ on the corals, I met other divers that also understood the necessity and the thrill of helping these amazing communities grow. On a more selfish note, while swimming back to shore, I came across some of those less common creatures I love to see including: a seahorse, upside down jellyfish, squid, an octopus, a flying gunard and a box crab! I like to think that if people understood how important corals are to both the life in our oceans and how they impact our own lives on land that groups like CRC would have so many volunteers and affiliated dive companies that there would be coral nurseries everywhere! I understand the aquarium next door is also doing some coral restoration work and I heard a couple of other dive shops on the island are becoming interested in helping out. Maybe it’s starting…
    Every time I went out and cleaned the coral trees or got a chance to outplant corals was an opportunity for me to give a little of my time and energy to something important. Thank you to Katie Leeper, Hannah and the crew of Ocean Encounters for making this possible.

  45. Randy C (verified owner)

    Well organized operation. 3 days, 6 dives. Great staff, nice boat. Very professional. Followed all safety protocol. 12 to 14 divers on a boat.

  46. Jean François B (verified owner)

    For ten days I scuba dived with Coral Restoration Curacao which is based at Ocean Encounters diving connected with Lions Dive Beach Resort. Coral Restoration Curacao taught me a lot about corals and allowed me to do something very concrete and real about their ‘repopulation’. I worked underwater carefully manipulating corals to facilitate their growth and reproduction. CRC is lucky to have such dedicated and professional caretakers. They are great diving buddies, they made me improve my buoyancy and I have enjoyed every minutes in their company.

  47. Ed M (verified owner)

    This tour was great. It was only 2 hours, but half of it was spent in the water and that was enough for us. Our dive master, Luis, was knowledgeable and was able to spot some interesting fish that we would have missed. The scuba/underwater photographer Gigi (who worked for Turtle&Ray productions, I think) was also excellent and got some great pictures. I would highly recommend this tour.

  48. John S (verified owner)

    After a bunch of “discovery” dives at various resort destinations, I decided to devote a couple of vacation days to completing my open water diver certification with the great team at Ocean Encounters Diving – Curacao.

    Their facility, equipment, and personnel are top-notch. My instructor Ivo was highly knowledgeable and helped build my confidence and skills with each session.

    I was able to complete the theory sessions with the online SSI app and completed 2 skill practicing dives in shallow water and 4 open water dives along their house reef. It was terrific. I had only 2 other divers in class and we were able to spend some quality time exploring the reef and the local aquatic live.

    Everyone I interacted with at Ocean Encounters went out of their way to ensure I was feeling comfortable and confident. I highly recommend their training center in Curacao for earning your initial diving certification and guiding your dive trip.

  49. Adrian W (verified owner)

    Super outfit. Very professional, well organised. Lovely dive staff, very helpful.. Alot of fun too. Definitely a place I would recommend shame I was not able to dive more. Thank you for memorable time.

  50. Andy H (verified owner)

    I traveled with a group for a week of diving with Ocean Encounters and had a wonderful time. Our dive masters Chris and Cynthia were awesome, lots of fun and very helpful as I had gone a few years since doing my first few dives. They were very knowledgeable and in tune with their ocean- there were a lot of strange currents that week that apparently were very unusual and they noticed every irregularity and adapted when needed, allowing for the best dives. Chris made everything a lot of fun.

  51. Peter S (verified owner)

    I recommend Ocean Encounters if you plan on scuba diving during your visit to Curacao.

    Our group, RU4 Scuba of Rochester, departed daily from their facility at Sunscape Resort.

    Divemasters Chris and Cynthia did a great job of keep everone safe. They were helpfull in assembling my scuba gear from time-to-time.

    The only “ding” was the lack of an O2 analyzer for those divers using NITROX on board the boat. Our group leader insisted on having one.

  52. cdevinestl (verified owner)

    My family first went diving with Ocean Encounters in July 2019 with our newly certified 13 year old. Being newly certified, our son was a bit nervous but our dive instructor took him under his wing and he was able to get a specialty certification towards advanced diver on his first true open water experience! We loved the island so much that we booked our return trip while still in Curacao for March 2020. My son’s dive instructor remembered him and was so welcoming that we were back. The diving was incredible and we were able to go to different sites than previously visiting. Also on this last trip, my 9 year old took a bubble maker class with Cindy and he felt so at ease and enjoyed his experience tremendously. Now, recently turning 10, he will be the youngest in our family to get certified. The owner, Jeremiah, is also amazing to work with. His operation is run by awesome staff members. The boats are very clean and well equipped and the rental equipment is in great shape. There are plenty of restaurants right near the shop so you can enjoy a cold drink after diving. No doubt we will return to see them again!

  53. Jean Tawa (verified owner)

    Ocean Encounters are the best caring,cautious and most of all FUNNNNN dive guides .
    Such a great experience I went alone and left making many friends under water and on land .
    See you soon everyone for another amazing dive trip.

  54. LariceaR (verified owner)

    Best dive shop in Curaçao. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, world class diving sites and exceptionally careful with hygiene during these strange times. Paul is an incredible dive master and everyone else is super nice. We cannot recommend them enough!

  55. Ramzi K (verified owner)

    Spent over a week doing mostly boat dives and also threw in a night dive. Highly skilled and friendly crew who make sure everyone has a good time.

  56. Thijs219 (verified owner)

    I went on 5 diving trips with Ocean Encounters and what a pleasure it was. A professional and customer friendly environment, with it’s high standards towards safety and a keen eye for the best dive sites, they are able to give you an unforgettable experience in the waters surrounding Curaçao.
    Make sure you let Jeremiah advise you on where to go and where to dive and you’re guaranteed a good time.

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