Chances are that you can totally relate to going on a trip, posting about it and feeling some type of guilt from friends or family commenting about your trip (or not!) 

Either way, here are 5 tips to prevent that your friends or family get jealous of your trip to Klein Curacao:


1. Only post Realistic Pictures

Seriously. There is something about posting pictures that are seemingly perfect. But sometimes not too realistic.

This will leave enough room for them to criticize your trip, no matter how much of a GREAT time you had on Klein Curacao. (For some reason, people feel better when they can critize each other…) Post a picture that’s almost picture-perfect. Which is very easy on Klein Curacao! 😉

This will help to take away the guilt of your friends/family back home!


Klein Curacao Boat Trips 

2. Invite Them!

Showing your friends an family all about your trips on vacation is one thing, actually bringing them with you is a whole different way to make them less jealous of your amazing trip to Klein Curacao.

So if you can, and they are here with you on a vacation or simply live on Curacao, just invite them with you to share the amazing experience Klein Curacao has to offer!



3. Try not to Exaggerate


Exaggeration is not cool. Things like, “You know what, it’s so romantic on Klein Curacao! We were sooo happy together, we were the only people on the island and we drank lots of wine and made love while the sun was setting…” YOU GET THE IDEA! Haha. Ofcourse not as exaggerated as above, but the main idea is to not make your trip sound perfect. This will breed jealousy or envy by friends or family. Keep it cool & humble when telling your story. You can start with a simple ‘Yeah, it’s really relaxed there. Awesome beach and boat trip… you should try give it! Visit Klein Curacao yourself’.


4. Don’t Announce Your Boat Trip to Klein Curacao

In case you can’t take your friends and family on a trip to Klein Curacao, simply don’t announce it! It can be better to show them what they missed with your realistic picture! Yes, that’s right. Simply show up to Klein Curacao and let that be your announcement to everyone.


5. Motivate Them to Visit Klein Curacao too!

Try to make them feel like you’re bringing them with you, but do share it in a way that could help them start traveling to Klein Curacao too!

The moment people see one of our friends doing something, it makes it more believable that we could do the same too! That’s what sharing is all about, empowering others to visit (Klein) Curacao as well!