Four nature facts about Klein Curacao

Did you know?

  1. Klein Curaçao is home to a significant part of the global population of nesting Least terns (Sterna antillarum antillarum, Meuchi chikitu) representing 1.2% of the global population.
  2. The coral reefs on the exposed east side of the island are extremely well developed and rank among the best reefs left in the Caribbean.
  3. Klein Curaçao is the single most important sea turtle nesting area within Curaçao’s jurisdiction, especially for the Critically Endangered Hawksbill turtle and the Endangered Green turtle (shown here)
  4. While the island was at some point devoid of vegetation, reforestation activities have brought back some of the vegetation that used to grow on the island. (Source Carmabi Curacao)

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