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Diving on Klein Curacao is a fantastic experience. And a unique experience that not many people have experienced. Of course a lot of diving is done around the island of Curacao, but of the visitors, tourists and islanders only few have experience with diving on Klein Curacao.

What can you expect when you go diving on Klein Curacao?

The day may differ slightly depending on the tour provider with whom you book the dive trip. For example, if you opt for a diving trip with the Mermaid you will be taken to the first dive site with a dinghy. You will see that the water is incredibly clear around Klein Curacao. But especially the vertical wall that you dive next to is special. This wall runs up to 40 deep (or 130 Feet).

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Because it is a drift dive, you will be picked up by the boat after the dive. Afterwards there is usually time to rest and have something to eat on the island. You can also see some of the sights on Klein Curacao before you prepare for the second dive.

During the second Klein Curacao dive you can get ready to see turtles. On the western side of the island is a hilly reef which the turtles find a pleasant living environment.

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With whom can I dive on Klein Curacao?

There are several tour operators who can take you from Curacao to Klein Curacao to dive there. Sometimes those diving trips are combined with a dive at the eastern point of Curacao. But often they sail directly to Klein Curacao to explore the underwater world there.

You can go to Klein Curacao with other divers in a group trip, but it is also possible to rent a boat to Klein Curacao privately to plan your day as you wish.

Various options are given on KCD for both the Group Dive Trips to Klein Curacao and the Private Dive Trips to Klein Curacao. Below you can see an overview.


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The registration rules for diving on Klein Curacao

Keep in mind that for diving on Klein Curacao you usually have to register with at least 2 people.

There are providers who only sell you so that you can discover the waters independently. Then of course you will receive tips from the crew where you can go diving the best.

But it is also possible to dive with a guide. The Black and White Catamaran from BlueFinn Charters offers this possibility.


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The costs for diving on Klein Curacao

The costs also depend on your exact wishes and the additional services that you add to your diving experience. But you can already dive around Klein Curacao from around $ 150 per person if you go on a group trip. This can go up to around $ 350 per person if you also want to rent diving equipment and, for example, would like a guide to come with you.

Certainly if you go with more than 3 to 4 people it is often cheaper to rent a private boat for your diving trip, then you are more flexible in your daily routine and your diving trip is sometimes even cheaper in the end.

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