Camping on Klein Curacao

Are you looking for the best Klein Curacao camp sites? Then you can better stop searching immediately because there are no Klein Curacao campsites. The Island is in fact protected, so cultivation is not possible. Only the lighthouse and the two attached houses are being restored.

Yet camping is on Klein Curacao is possible, as long as you make sure that you do not cause any damage inflicts on the environment and takes all your waste back with you.

But how does it work if there is no camp site on Klein Curacao?

Camping on Klein Curacao: a wonderful experience

Actually, it is quite simple. On Klein Curacao you can camp without a caravan, without a camper, without a bicycle and without a car. All you have is a tent and a campfire. That is why Klein Curacao camping is not necessary to camp here. Although it is better to call it an overnight stay on the island.

During the day you will travel to Klein Curacao by boat. Where most people are picked up at the end of the day, you stay on the island for the night. A good preparation – or Klein Curacao overnight specialist – is necessary.

We can help you with this, but you can also provide a good sleeping bag and enough provisions. There is no store on the island, so you are on your own when the last boat left.

With some partners is also possible to sleep on the boat

Comfortable accommodation on Klein Curacao, is that also possible?

Would you like a romantic evening with your partner on Klein Curacao? Then we can imagine that the adventurous is not really necessary. Then you better choose our service. We will provide you with a good and solid tent and a campfire. Even more luxurious? No problem, we gladly provide a full dinner by the campfire, so you can enjoy an intimate environment with your loved one with a full stomach.

If you don’t want this, you just go for basic camping on Klein Curacao. Without luxury, without possible stores and even without a Klein Curacao camping! An experience you will never forget, especially when you enjoy the breakfast we provide at the lighthouse in the morning. Including coffee of course.

Also enjoy a real adventure

Are you convinced and do you want to camp on Klein Curacao? A great choice full of adventure and unforgettable memories. Book today so we can guarantee that there is room on the boat.

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