Boat Trips to Klein Curacao

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Boat Trips to Klein Curacao

If you book a trip to Curacao, you should not miss a trip by boat to Klein Curacao. Klein Curacao is a tropical island that lies approximately 13 kilometers south of the coast of Curaçao. Het Eilandje offers you the whitest sandy beaches of the whole of Curacao. A wonderful location for a day of sunbathing and cooling off in the turquoise sea, or the perfect location for a nice active snorkeling, kite surfing or diving. One thing is certain, it will not soon become more tropical than this beautiful Bounty island.

Visit Klein Curacao by boat

To come to the island Klein Curacao you will have to make a boat trip. You can do this for example with the speedboat, watertaxi, but also with a wide range of boat trips. On our website you will find a quite a few nice options with prices from € 91 per person. Please Please note that there is often a discount price for children up to 12 years old. We offer you the opportunity to go with a small intimate group travel on boats with a maximum of 18 people, but you can also take a trip book on boats with which a maximum of 75 people can participate.

You can take a boat to Klein Curacao as intimately as you want. It is also possible to take the boat trip to Klein Curacao to make a party. Because we can also provide a DJ so you can keep partying all day long. Prefer a fishing trip? Also those we offer, because a Klein Curacao boat trip can easily become an unforgettable experience with big game fishing. We can meet almost all your wishes, all you have to do is make this known to us.

Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

Do You Prefer A Private Charter Group Trip Dive Excursion Fishing Trip Sail Boat Power Boat ?

Compare all Klein Curacao boat trips on our website and get the best deals booking via us. We have partnerships with all the best Klein Curacao tour operators.

What does Klein Curacao offer?

On Klein Curacao you can enjoy the Caribbean weather and simply enjoy the island, views and the sun. But Klein Curacao also offers more. You can easily walk around the small island. During that trip the island’s lighthouse will always be a center viewpoint. It is in the middle of the island and has been in use again since 2008 through LED lighting that works on solar energy.

Still, a sailing yacht crashed on the island in 2017. This wreck can also be viewed. The most famous shipwreck on the island however has been around since the eighties and is a lost oil tanker. When visiting the lighthouse and the shipwrecks be on your guard, sharp stones or metals may be present. When you explore Klein Curacao, you should definitely not forget to bring along sunscreen. There is virtually no shade on the island and it can be very hot there.


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Snorkeling, kite surfing or diving book your boat to Klein Curacao

Who wants to go snorkeling on Klein Curacao, will be offered this with almost every boat trip. Indeed, there are many turtles around the island which makes snorkeling with these animals a favorite activity. However, the turquoise waters around Klein Curacao also offer room for the many other beautiful things under water. If you want to go diving or kite surfing on Klein Curacao, then it is wise to indicate this in advance or to book a special trip. You want more information about the more active boat trips to Klein Curacao that we offer, or if you simply want more information about Klein Curacao or about specific boat trips? You can contact us via WhatsApp. You can also easily reach us by mail

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