A day trip to Klein Curacao – a highlight during every vacation!

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The day trip to Klein Curacao is a great way to immediately add a highlight to your holiday. A Klein Curacao trip is the way to enjoy beautiful views. You can snorkel with the sea turtles, and view beautiful plants and fish. And of course visit the lighthouse, which has been given magical status on this flat island.

A day trip to Klein Curacao is without a doubt one great experience, but we have to warn you. Before you decide you want to go, it is good to view the booking options. The day trips to Klein Curacao are extremely popular. That means the boats are fully booked quickly and once fully booked you really not be added. So: make sure not to wait too long when you want to be sure to make a trip to Klein Curacao during your vacation!


Visit Klein Curacao How You Want

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What does a day trip to Klein Curacao look like?

That depends entirely on your own wishes! You can board some boats (very) early, so breakfast is also offered. Or you have your breakfast in the hotel to catch a later boat trip. Another popular option is the powerboat. This goes so fast that you won’t get seasick.

During your stay on Klein Curacao you decide what you want you want to do. Diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, walking the beach or exploring the local animals: it is all possible. The itinerary is always known in advance so that you know what to expect. Special wishes, such as an overnight stay on the island? That is not a problem, but you give it primarily during your booking so we can book the right trip for you. It is not possible for all Klein Curacao trips to make adjustments, because the requests will also affect the other people.

This of course will be different when you take a private day trip to Klein Curacao. Private charters are planned for an intimate group of friends or family and you will rent the entire boat. Then of course there will be many more options that you can request of the skipper.


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What should I not miss during a day trip to Klein Curacao?

Actually, there is quite a lot that you cannot miss. Like the shipwrecks from boats that recently or longer ago crossed the island unsuccessfully. Or visit the many sea turtles that are of course also more than worthwhile your time (keep in mind not to touch them though). But the lighthouse and the white beaches still win when it comes to the favorite attractions.

Especially now that renovations are being done on the abandoned lighthouse, work that was overdue. And we leave those white beaches for you to discover yourself! You’ll probably recognize the white beacheswith soft sand and a wonderful sun from the postcards? Well, during your day trip to Klein Curacao you can make your own postcards!

Book that Klein Curacao day trip today!!

Interested in a Klein Curacao day trip? Then don’t wait and book your perfect excursion today. Klein Curacao is extremely popular which means that the available places on the boats are usually sold out quickly. And if there is no more room, you simply cannot book anymore. So make sure you arrange the day trip to Klein Curacao on time and contact us via WhatsApp. You can of course also reach us by mail if you have more special wishes or requests:


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