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Fuikdag 2022 – Tickets for All-Inclusive Day Trip

Kima Kalki Marina, Curacao


9 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

150 people


Dutch, English, Spanish



Fuikdag 2022

Complete ALL-INCLUSIVE day trip

Okay, this is actually not a Klein Curacao Day trip, but Fuikdag is such a popular annual celebration (and held en route to Klein Curacao), so we added it here anyway!

The Fuikdag 2021 party is already in demand, we have tickets available!

Fuikdag is always celebrated on the first Sunday of the new year, in 2021 this is on Sunday 3 January 2021

We work together with various (smaller) operators who still have places available on their boats.

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  • Fuikdag is not on Klein Curacao but it's such a popular annual celebration (and held on route to Klein Curacao), so we added it on this website!



  • There is unlimited food and drink on board, that is all included in the ticket price!
  • Food: Sandwiches for breakfast, fruit, barbecue all day
  • Non-alcoholic: Soft drinks, juice, water
  • Alcoholic beverages = beer / wine / prosecco / rum / malibu / vodka / whiskey
  • There is no limit to the amount of drinks and food ... as long as everyone behaves well ..;)
  • Towels
  • Snorkel gear
  • Floating Devices
  • Travel insurance and other emergencies insurances are not included
  • Make sure to bring your Sunscreen and sunglasses

Tour Type

Private Charter Tours
Ticket Tours

Tour's Location

Kima Kalki Marina, Curacao


Are there DJs on board?
The boats have their own music system, so plenty of party! No DJs, but there are enough around the boats.
How many people can go on these boats?
The boats can comfortably carry around 30 people.
How much should my downpayment be?
The deposit is for the full amount, unless you want to reserve with more than 10 people, we can discuss the conditions. Please contact us for this.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, etc. So you always have proof and it is 100% safe and guaranteed.
What are the times when these boats leave and return?
The departure and return times are 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
Until when can I reserve tickets for Fuikdag 2021?
If you want to reserve tickets, do so as soon as possible. There is always a lot of interest, most parties are already sold out and we cannot guarantee when we are also sold out.
Are we located 'directly at / next to the DJ boats'?
Unfortunately this can never be guaranteed.

Our boats leave at 9 a.m., so they have a good place. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that this is really "close to the party". The DJ boats only arrive at the end of the morning / beginning of the afternoon and nobody knows in advance where they will lie down. That is also due to the boats that are already present and there is no set plan for it .. So you have to be lucky ...

But as you can see in the videos, there is no 'party in just one place' and of course you can always get on a pool or inflatable mattress.
Is there enough Shade on the Boats?
Yes, all our boats have roofs, or at least (bimini) tops making it possible to hide from the sun.

More information about and pictures from the boats can be found under the 'Boat Info' section.
Where and when do the boats depart?
The boats depart from the Spanish water around 8.00 am - 8.30 am. Some boats from the Vissershaven, some others from Marina Kima Kalki

After booking - based on availability and your group size - we will inform you from where your booking departs.


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