Refund Policy

The KleinCuracao.Deals refund policy explained. 

We’ll make sure you have a good experience

KleinCuracao.Deals could not be existing in the tourism business if we would not take ‘customer satisfaction’ seriously. Our team will always do anything in their power to ensure you will receive the services you have payed for. Although we do not offer boat trips ourselves, but exist as an intermediair between clients and tour operators. However… by paying for activities on our website you can rest assured we take your experience seriously. You can reach out to us if you encounter any issues with a booking or touroperator. We will then do our best to solve any issues participating in the possible dispute as a mediator.

Because we manage larger volumes of bookings with the tour operators on our website, you could say we are their strategical partners, bringing more weight to the dialogue than you could yourself as independent client.

Refunds are possible if..

After you have made your booking on KleinCuracao.Deals we immediately (double)check if the seats or boats of your choice are indeed still available on the date of your booking. 99% of the times this is the case, but sometimes operators for example just sold out and did not notify us yet. Or they unexpectedly have to service their boat which makes it unavailable for example.

In those exceptional situations we will try to arrange another similar or better boat trip deal for you, which you are entitled to accept or decline without any further explanation. If you decline we will refund your money of course because we did not deliver the service you payed us for. You can count on us!

Limited Liability

KleinCuracao.Deals is merely an intermediair between clients and tour operators. Therefore we do not manage the tours planning, capacities or inclusions for example. We also dont ‘earn’ the money spent booking any tours. Because we use – most of – your payment to pay the operator and ensure your tickets or reservation on the desired boat trip.

This results in an inability to refund money based on a less than expected experience, food quality et cetera. Disputes like these you will have to discuss and solve with the tour operators directly. They are effectively your contract partner, offering you their services. What you could reasonably expect from their services is clearly described on our website. KleinCuracao.Deals only ‘introduced you to them’ and wired your payment to the tour operators to guarantee delivery of the mentioned services.

Contact Us

If you do end up to be one of the unlucky clients not 100% satisfied with the services provided please inform us via (include your booking number). We will do whatever is our power to help solve any dispute. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction!

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