Explore Klein Curacao on a day tour: see more with a guide!

Klein Curacao and tours naturally go well together. Certainly because it is hard to rent a boat to sail to the island yourself. That is quite dangerous. That is why we are happy to leave this to the experienced skippers, who can arrange this at very attractive rates. If you want to explore the island on your own, that is possible. But with the Klein Curacao tours you will of course see a lot more. Of course you can look up the information yourself and then go to the island, but the information becomes a lot livelier when you visit Klein Curacao with a tour guide and the stories suddenly come to life. Such as about the stranded ships and the many exciting stories of which you no doubt wonder to what extent these have remained close to the truth.

The Klein Curacao day tour – highly recommended

We can’t really recommend Klein Curacao day tours too much. Exploring an area that is so incredibly special means reading a book, often in a language you don’t know. Of course, you will come a long way when you have done some research, but a really lively and coherent story it will never be.

That will be very different when you visit Klein Curacao on a tour. You can do this with a whole group or with a select group. If desired, you can even add an overnight stay on Klein Curacao to it so that it will be a completely special experience.

Why should I really book a Klein Curacao tour?

There are a number of reasons why this is attractive. First of all, there is, of course, the popularity factor. Many people want to explore Klein Curacao which means the tours to Klein Curacao are often fully booked. Another reason is the exclusivity of the environment. You will find flora and fauna here that you have never seen before. And then it’s especially nice when there is someone who can tell something more about it.In addition, there are various boat trips that take you to the island. Compare the different options when you have a want to book Klein Curacao tour. You can keep it nice and small and rent a boat with friends or family. You can also go to the island by catamaran or powerboat when you prefer traveling with a group. The varying prices and the and disadvantages make it possible to compare the options. Do you already know what it is you prefer?

Sustainable and no more growth possible

Klein Curacao is the model of sustainable tourism. You should leave the animals be and don’t leave your waste behind. The island has no potential for economic growth. No hotels are allowed to be built or other adjustments made. Thus it is a special place, which can only be visited in a sustainable and safe way.

During the Klein Curacao tours these rules will of course also be explained, so that everyone knows exactly what is allowed and what is not. For example, snorkeling with sea turtles is a great option, but touching the animals is not allowed.

Book a Klein Curacao tour immediately?

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If you have an inquiry or would like more information about any of our tours, please use the contact form below! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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