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5 Powerful Reasons To Take A Break On Klein Curacao

Technology has become very important in our lives. It powers our homes, entertains us and allows us to connect to people across the world. You’d probably feel a little bit lost without your devices. We have grown so used to having information at your fingertips, being able to instantly contact anyone and the ability to […]

The Comprehensive Trip Guide to Klein Curacao

Ready for some fun? You will be soon. And where better to go than Klein Curacao, where the beach is white, the living is easy and the rum is plentiful? Klein Curacao is what tropical dreams are made of! The island is only 25 kilometers away from its bigger sister, Curacao. The island has a […]

5 Mistakes Most People Make When Going To Klein Curacao

Booking a trip to Klein Curacao seems simple enough. Simply explore and select your favorite Klein Curacao trip, set the day you’d like to visit Klein Curacao and then all you need to do is simply show up before the departing time of the boat. Klein Curacao offers a getaway with a beautiful beach, crystal […]

What you should think about selecting your Klein Curacao Boat Trips!

When it comes to going to Klein Curacao, it’s important to know exactly in what boat trip you are getting yourself into. Each boat trip has it’s up and downside, therefore it’s extremely important that you pick the right one. Here is a list of good things but also bad things that could go wrong: […]

Snorkeling on Klein Curacao

Snorkeling Klein Curacao is great if you know where to go and if the conditions cooperate. The great spot has healthy corals, lots of fish in good variety and nice clear water. The boat trip to Klein Curacao is worth it and a good way to spend a day. The small desert island lies six […]

Sightseeing on Klein Curacao

INTERESTING SIGHTS ON KLEIN CURACAO Over the years many ships have stranded on the eastern side of the Klein Curacao island. The recent wreck of a tanker ran aground 28 years ago. Now only a part of it remains. The anchor is still clearly visible in the bow. In the middle of the island the monumental […]

Klein Curacao History

KLEIN CURACAO HISTORY Klein Curacao is three square kilometers and is located ten kilometers south-east of Curacao. Today it is uninhabited, but formerly fishermen lived here. The island is now quite bare, but once a lot of grass grew here and small farmers often left their goats behind here to graze. Klein Curacao was a […]

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